Textbooks and Teaching Supplies

A departmental designee should see that orders for textbooks and teaching supplies are completed and returned by the deadlines listed below to the Illini Union Bookstore, which serves as the consolidation point prior to distribution of departmental orders to local bookstores. The Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs has overall responsibility for policy relating to textbooks and teaching supplies.

The Illini Union Bookstore serves as the consolidation point for departmental orders prior to distribution to local bookstores. The bookstores use the completed book lists not only to order books and supplies for the next semester, but also to determine which books they will purchase for resale as used textbooks. If a book is no longer required as a text, the bookstores are unable to pay the student as much — or to purchase the book at all in some cases — as they can when the book continues to be required material.

Deadlines for Textbook Orders:

Departmental orders for textbooks and teaching supplies must be completed and returned to the Illini Union Bookstore, 809 South Wright Street, Champaign, MC-378, by the deadlines listed below:

Semester Deadline
Fall April 7
Spring October 7
Summer Term 1 February 27
Summer Term 2 March 20

It is critical that departments meet the deadlines established for textbook orders. Receiving the information before the end of the semester allows the bookstores time to develop a list of books they can buy back from the students during the final exam period. In addition, it allows time for the receipt of the materials, and also allows time to make adjustments in the case of fulfillment problems (publisher out-of-stock, out-of-print, foreign sources, etc.). Be aware that books ordered from foreign sources may take 3-6 months for delivery. With the exception of desk copies, departments should never order directly from publishers. Exclusive orders with one bookstore are discouraged.

A Single Responsible Person

A specific person in each department should be responsible for textbook orders. This person should coordinate the textbook orders with courses to be offered during a given semester in order to be sure that all faculty members have turned in their orders. The designated person should also see that all order forms are complete and include information about publisher and edition, and an estimate of the total expected enrollment for each course or section. (The estimated enrollment is important in determining the number of books to be ordered, and the departments are better equipped to estimate enrollment than the bookstores.)

Depleted Supplies of Texts

Due to the high volume of traffic at the beginning of each semester, you may receive reports of bookstores being out of particular books. Make sure that the students have asked if more books are available (many times the shelves just need to be restocked), and that they have checked all bookstores. Being out-of-stock at one bookstore does not necessarily guarantee that all stores are out of the book. If copies are not available, the student should inform the instructor, and the instructor should determine the number of additional texts required and inform the department. The department should notify the Illini Union Bookstore accordingly with an additional textbook order form.

Changes After Submission of Textbook Orders

Change or cancel textbook orders (or required supplies) only when absolutely necessary; this will help to reduce inconvenience, delay, and confusion for the students.

Report any changes (enrollment, text, etc.) or cancellations after the submission of the completed forms by typing the necessary information on a five-part textbook form and sending it to the Illini Union Bookstore. Please specify the nature of the change on the form. IMPORTANT: Every change should be reported to the Illini Union Bookstore rather than to the separate bookstores. Problems arise when the changes are not handled through the IUB. The Illini Union Bookstore will take the responsibility of informing the other bookstores of changes so that there is no confusion due to contradictory or incomplete information.

If there are any questions concerning the completion of the forms, or for additional forms, please call 333-2050. See Attachment I, Instructions for Preparation of Textbook Orders for more detailed instructions on completing the textbook order forms.