Retail Sales Guidelines

Guidelines for compliance with the limitations imposed on campus retail sales activities by Public Act 87-683, adopted by the General Assembly, are outlined in this policy.

University is prohibited by state law (Public Act 87-683) from operating (or leasing space for or permitting) retail sales of general lines of merchandise in competition with private merchants, unless

  1. The goods are not available from private merchants in sufficient quantities to meet student demand;
  2. The goods are not available from private merchants on a year-round basis;
  3. The goods were sold by or on University premises prior to 1980; or
  4. The goods are the result of technological advances since 1980 and are required for assignments or classroom activities.

A campus unit may develop small items of memorabilia (mugs, t-shirts, etc.) with logos designed to promote esprit de corps within the unit. However, such items shall not be marketed to the general public. Units are encouraged to consider local merchants as sources for producing such items.

The above will guide units in their planning efforts. Should units determine the need to engage in a new retail operation or expand the range of items sold in an existing operation consistent with these guidelines, units should review the proposed activity with a standing committee composed of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and the Associate Chancellor for Public Affairs, who will review and approve or reject the proposed retail activity. This standing committee can be reached or questions about this policy addressed by way of the Associate Chancellor for Public Affairs (333-5010).