Microfilm Advisory Service

Units should consult the Microfilm Advisory Service before ordering equipment or contracting for related services to insure compatibility with established Urbana-Champaign Information Storage and Retrieval Systems.

Upon the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Committee on Microfilm Systems and to accommodate the application of microfilm and microform technology to the functions of recording, copying, and retrieval of records and operational data, a Microfilm Advisory Service has been established. This service will provide information to prospective users, provide some assurance that those microfilm applications which are developed fit generally within one compatible system and ensure that records retention requirements in Section VI-4 are met.

Units considering the acquisition of new microfilm equipment or the development of new microfilm systems should consult Mr. Maynard J. Brichford, University Archivist, who will provide advisory services for such questions as:

  1. Is microfilm the appropriate method to be used?
  2. Will the new system require compatibility with existing systems?
  3. What type of film (roll, fiche, aperture) is most suitable?
  4. Should outside processing services be used?
  5. Should Computer Output Microfilm (COM) be used?
  6. What legal or statutory record requirements are involved in the microfilm applications?

Offices considering microforms as substitutes or replacements for original records or data are reminded that the originals of records may not be destroyed without prior written approval of the University Archivist and the Illinois State Records Commission.

The destruction of originals and the use of microform substitutes is governed by provisions of the University's General Rules, Article V, Section 4, the State Records Act (Section 43.20) and State Records Commission Rules (Section 4100.50). The State Records Commission rules specify standards for any microform intended as a substitute for original documents or data.

Units are requested to consult with the Microfilm Advisory Service early in the planning process prior to submitting orders for the purchase of major new items or microfilm equipment such as cameras or contracting for services related to microfilm applications.

Questions concerning the Microfilm Advisory Service should be directed to the University Archivist at 333-0798. Or see the Office of Printing Services for more information.