Standards for Printed Stationery Materials

Specifications for design, printing and usage of standardized printed stationery materials.

In order to present a consistent image of the University to its external audiences, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has had in effect since 1982 a standard design format for all printed stationery materials. ("Printed stationery materials" are letterheads, second sheets, half-sheets, envelopes, memo pads, business cards, and mailing labels).

With the approval of the University Policy Council, stationery for the University of Illinois was redesigned in July 1996 and a unified look adopted for all three campuses. All stationery orders must be filled according to this new standard design format.

Detailed information on specifications and usage may be obtained from Creative Services, 507 E. Green St., Champaign, 61820, 333-9200, or from the Office of Printing Services, 234 Printing Services Building, 52 East Gregory, Champaign, 61820, 244-4675.

General guidelines for stationery include the following: paper, inks, and typefaces used will be standard on all printed materials. Unit logos or illustrations are not permitted because the design calls for the inclusion of a campus mark.

An individual's name and title cannot be printed on stationery unless he or she is a University Scholar or a professor holding a named chair. In the latter instance, the professor may use his or her name as well as the name of the endowed chair. Memo pads, however, may incorporate an individual's name and title.

This policy applies to all campus units regardless of the source of funds used to pay for printed materials and regardless of the vendor. The policy applies to all printed stationery materials charged to University funds, including state, institutional, auxiliary enterprise, self-supporting, contract, grant or gift, or personal. The Office of Printing Services will not supply stationery or business cards differing in design or content from the standard format. Units will not be reimbursed for direct expenditures made through personal funds, petty cash, etc., for printed materials that do not meet campus standards.

Before having any stationery materials printed by off-campus sources, units must obtain a purchase order number from the Purchasing Division (if the Purchasing Division is to issue the order) and written confirmation from the Director of Creative Services that the proposed materials conform to these specifications. This approval must be attached to the requisition or to the front of the blue copy of the departmental purchase order. Commercial printers will not be paid by the University for materials deviating from these standards.

Desktop-published letterhead should be used for email or for internal or "faxed" correspondence only and is subject to the same standards as stated above. Specifications for the generation of letterhead via computer are available from the Creative Services or the Office of Printing Services.

It is intended that this policy shall be all-inclusive for the Urbana-Champaign campus. The Director of Creative Services must approve all exceptions to the above regulations.

Further questions concerning this policy statement should be directed to Creative Services, 333-9200.