College Work Study Student Employment

Supplemental department wage monies by utilization of financial need-based College Work-Study student employees providing partial federal funding.

The University of Illinois has been an active participant in the College Work-Study program since its inception in 1965. College Work-Study began as a Great Society program under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. Although funding levels have fluctuated yearly, it continues to be a federal assistance program with a great deal of governmental support. The program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign at the present time provides funding of wages on a 70% federal and 30% departmental basis. Employing departments are notified in advance if the funding ratio is to be changed.

The purpose of the College Work-Study program is to develop part-time employment opportunities for students who demonstrate financial need. The program also is intended to broaden the range of academic and career-related positions for qualified students. To be considered for the College Work-Study program, students apply each academic year for financial aid. Financial need is determined by federal guidelines and institutional policy as administered by the Student Financial Aid Office.

Financial assistance in the form of employment opportunities is available to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. A student who accepts a College Work-Study award is offered employment and job placement assistance. Work history, job-related skills, and academic and career interests determine the most appropriate College Work-Study position for a student. Once hired, a College Work-Study student is considered a regular student employee in terms of hourly wage rates, subject to College Work-Study program earnings guidelines and eligibility requirements.

Program procedures and details regarding student hourly compensation can be found in "Student Biweekly Employment Information" and "Classification and Scale of Wages". Copies may be obtained by contacting the student employment staff of the Student Financial Aid Office, 620 E. John Street, Student Services Arcade Building. Requests for College Work-Study student assistance may be placed with the College Work-Study program coordinator or assistant director, Student Financial Aid Office, 333-0600.