Standards for Printed Stationery Materials


To establish a standard design format for all stationery materials and to present a consistent image of the campus to external audiences.


All campus units and all stationery materials, regardless of the source of funds or vendor used for the stationery materials.


Associate Chancellor for Public Affairs.


All campus units must use a standardized design format, including paper, inks, campus logos, and typefaces, for all stationery materials created using University funds. Campus units shall only use campus logos and shall not use unit logos or illustrations on stationery materials. Document Services will not supply stationery materials that differ in design or content from the standardized design format. Before a campus unit has an external vendor print stationery materials, the unit must obtain a purchase order number from the Purchasing Division and written confirmation from Public Affairs that the proposed stationery materials conform to these standards. The University will not pay external vendors or reimburse campus units for expenditures using personal funds, petty cash, or other funds for stationery materials that deviate from these standards.

Digital letterhead should be used only for electronic correspondence. Printed letterhead must use the bond paper with the University watermark available from Document Services. Only University Scholars or professors holding a named chair may have their individual name and the name of the endowed chair printed on letterhead.


  • “Stationery materials” means letterheads, second sheets, half-sheets, envelopes, memo pads, business cards, and mailing labels, whether in print or digital format.
  • “University funds” means state, institutional, auxiliary enterprise, self-supporting, contract, grant or gift funds.


For more information on specifications and usage, refer to Illinois Identity Standards, Stationery Materials.


Public Affairs,, (217) 333-5010.