Non-Academic Background Investigation Program

Background investigations will be conducted for applicants with criminal conviction records and candidates for positions which are designated security-sensitive.

Purpose of Background Investigations

The purpose of conducting background investigations is to ascertain within legal and professional limits the qualifications and fitness of candidates to be employed in the position for which they are applying. Background investigations are conducted by the Campus Police in cooperation with the Staff Human Resources Office for employment situations in which security is a major concern.

Certain classifications are defined as sensitive from a security standpoint: Those which require employees to be entrusted with or have access to items of value without close supervision or those which include close contact with children or firearms. The following Civil Service classifications have been designated security-sensitive. Security background clearance is required for referable candidates for all positions in these classifications. Other classifications may be added to this listing from time-to-time. Requests for a current listing of all security sensitive classes or a request to add a classification to this listing should be made to the Staff Human Resources Office Placement section.

  • Attendant, Bowling and Billiard Room Firefighter
  • Attendant, Coin Machine Fire Inspector
  • Attendant, Equipment Manager, Vending Services I, II
  • Attendant, Parking Meter Mechanic, Coin Machine
  • Attendant, Snack Bar Mechanic, Parking Meter
  • Assistant, Child Care Messenger, Mail
  • Associate, Child Development Nurse, Visiting
  • Cashier I, II, III
  • Cashier, Food Service Security Guard
  • Extra Help Equipment Attendant Specialist I, Crash-Rescue & Security
  • Extra Help Bookstore Cashier Supervisor, Security Guard
  • Extra Help General Services Supervisor, Snack Bar
  • Officer, Police I, II, III, IV, V, VI
  • (i.e. Custodial, Money Handling, Worker, Building Service Equipment Inventory, and Security Service Positions)

In certain cases, departments may have a position which is considered to be security-sensitive but which is not one of the designated classifications. If a hiring unit determines that security clearance is advisable for an individual position, Staff Human Resources should be consulted to arrange for background investigations to be conducted on all candidates for employment in that position.

Background investigations are also required for all applicants with criminal conviction records regardless of the particular position applied for. Clearance will depend upon the requirements of the position and the nature of the conviction. Approval may be denied if the report indicates that the individual may be a security risk.

Background Investigation Procedure

All applicants are required to complete and sign an application form which includes a request for criminal conviction history. The application form is accompanied by an informational statement about the circumstances under which a background investigation is required. Each candidate for a security-sensitive position or anyone who has a conviction record is requested to sign a release form authorizing the Campus Police to seek and review background information.

Staff Human Resources Office will submit copies of the application form and release form to the Campus Chief of Police. The Campus Police will then conduct a background investigation which includes a criminal conviction record check on each referable candidate. A report of the results of the investigation is provided to the Director of Staff Human Resources.

Review of Background Investigation Reports

A Records Review Committee reviews the reports of the background investigations. The Committee consists of a representative from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs, the Staff Human Resources Office, the Affirmative Action Nonacademic Office, Campus Legal Counsel, and Office of Campus Security.

It is the responsibility of the Committee to determine criteria by which to evaluate candidates’ background and criminal conviction record check for purposes of job referral. Considerations include the nature of the positions involved and implications for the general safety and security of the campus community. Employing departments are advised of appropriate background information as authorized by the Records Review Committee. Either the department or candidate may submit additional information and request reconsideration by the Committee.

Further questions concerning this policy statement should be directed to the Staff Human Resources Office Placement Section, (217) 333-2137.