Percentage and Length of Assistantship Appointments

All assistantship appointments must be written to reflect the actual percentage and length of time the employee works.

Appointments for assistants are generally written correctly; but occasionally during the academic year and more frequently during the summer, assistantship appointments have been written for percentages and periods other than the actual percentages and periods worked by the assistants. For example, an appointment was written for the period May 21, 1988 through June 30, 1988 at 75 per cent of full-time so the employee would receive payment in 1 1/3 months as opposed to the employee’s working actually 2 months at 50 per cent of full-time.

Such actions disadvantage the student assistant because he or she may be faced with a course overload due to the higher percentage appointment, and/or paying tuition and fees due to the higher percentage appointment, or the shorter duration of the appointment. If the student has an accident on the job after the expiration of the official appointment, he or she may not be eligible for workmen’s compensation. Also, and by no means an insignificant matter, the appointment does not reflect the actual working arrangements; therefore, it jeopardizes the honesty and integrity of University appointments.

In the future, appointments which do not reflect the actual working schedule of assistants will not be processed. If the reason for writing incorrect appointments is tied to budgetary constraints, the possibility of transferring funds between categories should be explored. Please refer to the budget guidelines for more specific information on budget transfers.

Questions concerning assistantship appointments should be directed to the Office of Academic Human Resources, (217) 333-3075 or (217) 333-6747.