Retirement Date for Academic Employees

Academic employees on nine-month contracts must retire no later than August 15; those on twelve-month contracts may, with appropriate approvals, retire August 31.

Academic staff members on twelve-month (Y) contracts may be given an additional ten-day appointment through August 31 at the same rate of pay from the previous year and the retirement date may be set for August 31. The August 31 retirement date is not an available option to academic staff members on academic-year (A) contracts. Staff members on academic-year contracts must retire no later than August 15.

Also, an academic staff member on an academic-year (A) contract may request to retire on May 15, which is the end of the academic-year service period, and receive all pay on May 15. This option is not available if the staff member is to have a summer appointment. A staff member having a summer appointment may retire upon the completion of the summer appointment or on August 15, and at the next regular pay date receive final pay for the previous academic year as well as for the summer appointment.

Please bring this information to the attention of the employees in your unit and to the staff members who handle the processing of retirement papers.

Further questions concerning this policy statement should be directed to the Academic Human Resources Office.