Faculty Staff Photo ID Card Policy

The photo identification (ID) card will identify the holder as a member of the faculty/staff of the UIUC campus and permit access to a number of university services.

  1. Purpose

    The Campus has developed a photo ID card for eligible faculty and staff of the UIUC campus. The photo ID card will be used to identify personnel employed by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in order to facilitate security and to allow personnel access to various services.

  2. Eligibility

    1. All academic and status support personnel within a unit will be issued photo ID cards.
    2. A University ID number (UIN) is required for an ID card to be issued. The generation of UINs and the production of ID cards fall under the purview of the i-card Programs Office, which is part of the Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS). UIN and i-card policies are published in OBFS's Business and Financial Policies and Procedures manual Section 19.3, University Identification Numbers, and Section 19.4, i-card.
  3. Uses

    1. The ID card may not be used to obligate the University or as a means of representing the employee as an agent of the University.
    2. The card may be used for identification purposes when the employee is accessing certain University services such as check cashing and the University Library.
    3. A different photo ID nametag will serve to identify its holder as an employee of a unit authorized to be present in a particular building. Because such identification is needed to enhance the security within that building, it is essential that the ID nametag be carried or worn by the employee as specified by the unit head and be presented for identification purposes at the request of an agent of the University when the agent is acting in the performance of his or her supervisory or security function. The wearing or carrying of the photo ID nametag may be a condition of employment if the employee's department head so specifies. The department requiring photo ID nametags will be assessed the cost of card production, and may reimburse an employee for a replacement card if the card is damaged in the course of the employee's duties.
    4. Any employee who has been issued a photo ID card or nametag and refuses to produce that card or nametag when properly requested by an agent of the University may be subject to disciplinary action.
  4. Responsibility

    1. Departments will use the established format for the ID card and the photo ID nametag.
    2. Each faculty/staff member is responsible for the proper care, safekeeping, and use of his or her ID card and/or the photo ID nametag. Faculty/staff photo ID cards and nametags are the property of the University, and any employee who alters or intentionally mutilates the identification card(s), who uses the identification card(s) of another, or who allows his or her identification card(s) to be used by another may be subject to disciplinary action.
    3. Employees will be responsible for the cost of replacement if the photo ID card is lost, damaged, or stolen. The replacement fee will be established by the ID Card Center.
    4. Department heads are responsible for developing and implementing procedures to insure the return of the identification card(s) when employees leave the employ of the department.

Questions about this policy should be addressed to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, 333-1300.