Cost Apportionment Between Facilities & Services and Urbana-Champaign Campus Departments


Departmental operation and maintenance cost responsibilities are detailed below.


The cost of general building operation and maintenance, exclusive of Auxiliary Services and Housing buildings, some leased property, and some farm buildings, is assumed by Facilities & Services.

The purchase, installation, and maintenance of departmental equipment will be assumed by the department. The term “department” as used herein includes colleges, schools, divisions, institutes, bureaus, offices, and centers. Departmental equipment will be considered that equipment, either permanently installed or movable, which is specifically required by the nature of a department’s activities.

Installation, with departmental funds, of items normally maintained by Facilities & Services will be maintained by that Division when it receives prior notice and agrees thereto. Examples of such items are: change in radiation (heating), Dutch door replacing standard door, remodeled areas, etc. This work must be performed within the guidelines of the University of Illinois Campus Building Standards and applicable building codes.


Any exceptions to the above are delineated on an individual basis by F&S and respective departments.


For questions about responsibilities, contact the F&S Service Office, (217) 333-0340.