Responsibilities of the Departments for Maintaining Facilities and Equipment


Departmental operation and maintenance cost responsibilities are detailed below.


  1. Office, seminar, lounge, conference and laboratory furniture, pictures, special classroom furniture or equipment, and special wall coverings specifically required for a department's activities.
  2. Equipment, enclosures, and fixtures for: gymnasia, swimming pools, art and sculpture, therapy and theater areas, including dressing room facilities.
  3. Curtains, draperies, motorized drapes, and carpeting, including special cleaning.
  4. Scientific and research equipment.
  5. Refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heating units exclusively for department use, built-in or movable cold boxes, environmental rooms, soundproof rooms, audio rooms, growth chambers, associated operating equipment and services, and specialized water systems for other than domestic use.
  6. Scenery, recording equipment, enunciators and signal systems designed for specific use or purposes of the department only.
  7. Presses and newspaper equipment, including material storage and disposal.
  8. Book stacks, carrels, library furniture and equipment, including hand or electrically operated dumbwaiters for books, departmental equipment or supplies, mail cubicles and drops, and pneumatic tube systems.
  9. Radios, buzzer systems, light dimming equipment, telephone and public address systems, closed-circuit TV systems, alarm systems, towers and antennae systems installed for specific use of departments.
  10. Portable fans, desk lamps, floor lamps, etc., other than those installed in public spaces (i.e. lobbies and rest rooms); compressed air and water hose reels.
  11. Booths designed for classroom or research work, including one-way vision screen booths, broadcasting or recording booths, wall/floor/door soundproofing, and lightproofing.
  12. Open and glass-enclosed bulletin boards and lighting, directories, and pegboards used exclusively by specific departments.
  13. Electric clocks other than those installed in public corridors and public areas.
  14. Window draft deflectors and mirrors in areas other than public rest rooms.
  15. Film storage - repair, maintenance, and/or replacement of developing equipment, laboratory tables, sinks, drying racks, files, cabinets, shelving, paper and chemical storage, and all lightproofing.
  16. Lockers, locker benches, and movable coat racks.
  17. Consumable supplies (other than those noted as the responsibility of Facilities & Services).
  18. Private lavatories and toilets.
  19. Key and lock changes (if requested by the department).
  20. Window air conditioners, including sash, screen, and venetian blind modification, winter covers, and pigeon control screening. Repairs, maintenance and/or replacement of laboratory tables and cases, sinks, lockers, file cabinets, laboratory stools, receptacles in raceways used for laboratory purposes, all equipment used for instruction and research, desks, bookcases, and shelving.
  21. Elevated floors in computer areas and cable racks for all departmental systems.
  22. Utilities:
    1. Supply piping to the mains at the floor below equipment, the ceiling above, or adjacent wall, including shutoff valves and controls.
    2. Return and waste piping down to the floor below equipment.
    3. Electric system and controls from equipment to disconnect line switches within sight and within 10 feet of the apparatus as required.
  23. Vent piping and exhaust ductwork to the atmosphere above the roof line or to Facilities & Services approved “tie in” points.
  24. Animal cages, feeding, carcass disposal and related odor control; pest control, and damage to existing walls and floors.
  25. Rifle and pistol ranges and firemen's training tower (complete).
  26. Special pest control services for animal rooms and for fly control.
  27. Departmental shop equipment, including stock storerooms.
  28. Departmental fire detection and extinguishing systems.
  29. Towel cabinets installed in laboratories (Facilities & Services will supply paper towels after the cabinets have been installed).
  30. The purchase, installation, and maintenance costs for screen doors (where departmental needs justify their use) are considered departmental expense.
  31. Repair or replacement costs resulting from the following:
    1. Overloading electrical circuits,
    2. Excessive use of water,
    3. Misuse of drains by plugging or discharge of corrosive materials, animal bedding, etc. Replacement of all defective piping and removal of stoppage will be a departmental expense.
    4. Damage to laboratory water-cooled equipment resulting from an absence of automatic low pressure and/or high temperature cutouts on equipment.
    5. Failure to install vacuum breakers on potable service water connections.
    6. Damage to building or contents caused by departmental equipment or misuse.
    7. Unauthorized use of chairlifts to move freight.
  32. Disposal of equipment and specialized installations no longer used.


Any exceptions to the above are delineated on individual DORs collaboratively developed by F&S and respective departments.


For questions about responsibilities, contact the F&S Service Office, (217) 333-0340.