Miscellaneous Information Regarding Cost Apportionment Between Facilities & Services and the Urbana-Champaign Departments

Cost resulting from misuse of facilities, vandalism, accidents, or substandard installations, must be assumed by departments. Examples of such misuse include:

  1. Overloading electrical circuits,
  2. Excessive use of water,
  3. Misuse of drains by plugging or discharge of corrosive materials, animal bedding etc. Replacement of all defective piping and removal of stoppage will be department expense.
  4. Damage to laboratory water-cooled equipment caused by absence of low pressure and/or high temperature automatic cutouts on equipment.
  5. Failure to install vacuum breakers on all potable service water connections.
  6. Damage to building or contents caused by departmental equipment or misuse.
  7. Unauthorized use of chairlifts to move freight.

All equipment and specialized installations no longer used shall be disposed of at departmental expense.

Departments shall provide access to mechanical areas in their space to Facilities & Services personnel.

Mechanical equipment rooms are not to be used for storage of departmental equipment or materials.

Normally, electric heaters are not to be used for space heating. Problems relating to heating should be referred to Facilities & Services who, if necessary, may authorize the use of electric space heaters on a temporary basis.

This policy is under revision. See also Facilities & Services.