Campus Mail Distribution


Campus Mail Distribution sorts and delivers intracampus communications, meters outgoing first-class mail, and tracks Business Reply Envelopes for campus departments. Mailing at Document Services prepares, addresses, and meters bulk mailings. This document addresses the proper duties and processes for each. Both mailing services interact with the Postal Service (USPS), UPS, FedEx, and AIM (a corporation that processes outgoing foreign mail).


There are two types of mail service to the campus: Campus Mail Distribution, which sorts and delivers intracampus communications, and Mailing at Document Services, which collects, prepares, meters and dispatches all types of letters and packages. This includes U. S. Mail, foreign mail, mail going via alternate carriers (such as UPS or FedEx).


This policy is implemented under the authority of the Executive Director of Facilities & Services.


Campus Mail Distribution

1611 S. Oak Street, Champaign, IL 61820
  1. Campus Mail Addressing Guidelines

    Incomplete or inaccurately addressing mail may delay delivery or result in it being returned to the sender for a correct address. Please refer to the University’s online directory for correct addresses and proper abbreviations for campus buildings. The Campus Mail Distribution Supervisor, (217) 265-6863, can assist departments with intracampus mail delivery.

    Address Placement - Try to place the address of the next recipient below the last address. All addresses should be formatted in the same left/right direction on the envelope. When re-using a U. S. mail envelope for an intracampus communication, cross out everything (i.e. postage, return address, etc.) except the address of the recipient.

    Address Format - The proper addressing format includes the elements listed in the order shown below:

    Element Name Example Value
    Name Professor John Doe
    Department Engineering
    Office Number, Building Name, Mail Code 106 Engineering Hall, MC-266

    If the unit is housed in a converted house that serves as an office, the address should be as follows:

    Element Name Example Value
    Name Professor May Lee
    Department Asian American Cultural Center
    Office Number, Building Name, Mail Code 1210 W. Nevada, MC-149
  2. Delivery
    1. Types of Mail

      State and federal laws, as well as University policy, apply to the use of campus mail.

      1. Acceptable Material

        Most written communications and materials of University units and registered organizations relating to University business may be delivered by Campus Mail Distribution.

      2. Unacceptable Material

        Because of budget constraints, United States Postal Service (USPS) regulations and state and federal laws, the following types of mail will not be delivered through Campus Mail Distribution:

        • political endorsements, unstamped commercial solicitations and advertisements;
        • literature and/or publications from non-University organizations;
        • personal books, library books in large quantity;
        • personal messages, such as greeting cards, cartoons, and chain letters;
        • for rent, for sale, or similar notices;
        • appeals for funds (except as noted below) and other non-official items which in the judgment of the Supervisor of Campus Mail Distribution violate the intent of this regulation.

        The only appeals for donations to charitable organizations which may be sent through campus mail are those relating to VIP and the Campus Charitable Fund Drive. All other appeals are prohibited unless specifically approved before mailing by Facilities & Services.

    2. Bulk Campus Mailings: University Departments

      Campus mailings over 100 pieces must be sorted in mail code order before delivery to Campus Mail Distribution. Units are asked to deliver presorted mailings to Campus Mail Distribution between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. However, relatively small mailings (100 - 200 pieces) can be placed in campus mailboxes or in the after-hours drop box at Campus Mail Distribution, 1611 S. Oak, Champaign, if they are pre-sorted and double banded by length and width. If departments do not wish to address and sort campus mailings, these services can be provided by Mailing at Document Services; call (217) 333-9350 to place an order for sorting and addressing.

      Notices to all faculty and/or staff need not be individually addressed. Mail messengers will leave the appropriate number of copies at each mail stop. Please contact the Campus Mail Distribution Supervisor, (217) 265-6863, for further information.

    3. Departmental Mailboxes

      Use of departmental mailboxes within buildings owned or leased by the University, for purposes other than campus or U. S. mail, may be restricted or prohibited by the official or body responsible for the facility. Any restrictions or prohibitions should be posted at the location of the mailboxes.

  3. Registered Organizations

    Registered organizations may use the campus mail delivery service for delivery of routine correspondence to members located in University buildings served by Campus Mail Distribution. However, due to budget constraints, only six (6) mailings of over 100 pieces may be made each fiscal year by each registered organization. These mailings must be sorted in mail code order before delivery to the Campus Mail Distribution unit. Registered organizations sending mail to students in residence halls must sort and separate those mailings according to hall to which they are addressed.

  4. Determining Mail Stops and Frequency
    1. Multiple stops in a building

      When reviewing whether requests for more than one campus mail stop in a single building can be accommodated, the following factors will be considered by Facilities & Services:

      1. The physical arrangement of the building, i.e., size and layout.
      2. The availability of appropriate personnel occupying the building to sort and distribute campus mail within the building.
      3. The administrative relationships of units within the building.
      4. The resources available to Campus Mail Distribution.

      Facilities & Services will make the final determination of the number of stops within a building based on these factors after consulting with representatives of the units affected.

    2. Delivery to off-campus locations

      When determining whether a request for off-campus mail delivery can be accommodated by Campus Mail Distribution, the following factors will be considered:

      1. Distance from main campus and proximity to other remote units receiving mail. Considerable distance is not an automatic exclusionary factor, but will be weighed in relation to the considerations below.
      2. Number of people in the unit.
      3. Other transportation available to the unit which could be used for campus mail pickup and delivery.
      4. Volume of campus mail going to and coming from the unit.
      5. Relationship of the unit to campus operations and/or research.
      6. The resources available to Campus Mail Distribution.

      Facilities & Services will make the final determination to accommodate an off campus location with campus mail delivery services after consulting with representatives of the units affected.

    3. Frequency

      Campus Mail Distribution may request that campus units with low campus mail volumes accept less frequent delivery if appropriate.

  5. Delivery Standards

    Most campus mail is delivered within 24 hours of deposit.

  6. Chicago Shuttle Service

    A courier-shuttle service originating from Chicago serves the campuses in Chicago and Urbana-Champaign with overnight service Monday through Friday without charge. Package weight must not exceed 70 pounds. Before delivering large numbers of oversize packages for courier service, call the dispatcher at the Motor Pool on the Chicago campus, (312) 996-2842.

    Materials for the Chicago campus should be properly addressed with the words “Chicago Shuttle” as the last line of the address preceding the mail code. If a department has office pick-up service, please separate mail for the Chicago campus by banding it together. Shuttle mail can be deposited at Campus Mail Distribution, 1611 S. Oak, Champaign, or deposited in the box marked “University of Illinois at Chicago, Shuttle” located outside the front entrance of Henry Administration Building, 506 S. Wright Street, Urbana. For questions about mail for the Chicago campus originating at the Urbana-Champaign campus, call (217) 265-6863. For questions about mail for the Urbana-Champaign campus originating at the Chicago campus, call (312) 996-2842.

Mailing at Document Services

54 E. Gregory Drive, Champaign, IL 61820

Mailing at Document Services processes all types of outgoing U. S. and foreign mail as well as campus-wide mailings.

The Manager of Mailing Production, (217) 333-9350, is designated as the official liaison between the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the United States Postal Service. The Manager of Mailing Production will provide advice to departments concerning postal rates, regulations, and design of mail pieces.

  1. Addressing U. S. Mail
    Element Name Example Value
    Name* Professor John Doe
    Room Number, Building Name 106 Engineering Hall
    Department* Engineering
    Institution or Company University of Illinois
    Street Address* 1308 W. Green St.
    City*, State*, and Zip*(+4) Urbana, IL 61801-2936

    The street address must be placed on the second line from the bottom.
    *Name, department, street address and city, state and zip code are the elements which must be included for U.S. Mail delivery.

    Letterhead and anything else that conveys your address to non-University entities should be structured as shown above. Further information can be found in Illinois Identity Standards for stationery.

    Contact Mailing Services at (217) 333-6101 for more information about postal addressing standards, including zip + 4 codes for campus buildings.

  2. Services provided by Campus Mail Distribution for which there may be a charge are:
    • Processing of Outgoing U. S. Mail — Mail can be picked up, metered and pre-sorted to obtain the most economic rate and taken directly to local post offices. Services include:
      • Daily Mail/Presort — Campus Mail Distribution picks up and processes all classes of mail daily. Campus Mail will pick up pre-addressed, pre-stamped, official first class mail; however, it is important that departments separate it from mail that must be metered.
      • Payment of Postage — The University has two accounts established for postage payment: Permit 75 for outgoing mail, and Permit 1239 for Business Reply incoming mail. Campus Mail and Mailing Production invoice departments for their respective postage charges.
      • Business Reply — Campus Mail Distribution has paid the fees to maintain a business reply account at the USPS. The department’s CFOAPAL number is used for tracking and billing associated with business reply envelopes or cards. Campus Mail Distribution will gather them from the Post Office, account for them, and distribute them to the department through campus mail.
    • Preparation of Pieces for Mailing — Materials can be packaged and wrapped for shipping by mail, parcel post, freight or other means. Services include:
      • Bulk Mail Production — Document Services’ Mailing unit has equipment available to fold, insert, label, and apply postage to all classes of mail. All classes of U. S. and foreign mail, as well as alternative carriers (such as FedEx and UPS), are prepared.
      • Data Processing — Document Services’ Mailing unit has a complete data processing department to service the needs of the campus. Services include address standardization (according to U. S. Postal Service rules), verification for accuracy, pre-sorting (for greater postage savings), and label production. Files can be submitted via the campus network for processing. Contact Document Services’ Mail Production at (217) 333-6101 for more information.
      • Brokering — When a department wants a service or list not available on the campus, Document Services’ Mailing staff will act as their agent to locate available resources and coordinate the details.
      • Consulting — As the U. S. Postal Service moves more toward automation of the mainstream, rules and regulations change quickly. Staff at Document Services’ Mailing can advise departments on the most cost-efficient way to design their mail pieces. Document Services’ Mailing, (217) 333-6101, can answer questions about rates, fees, deliveries, or any other topic.
    • General Services
      • Pickup and delivery — For a fee, materials can be picked up for quick delivery to other units located on the Urbana-Champaign campus.
      • Warehouse — Facilities & Services Stores & Receiving manages warehoused items, including delivering items to remote storage facilities. Contact the associate director at Stores & Receiving, (217) 244-0139, for information about storage services.
      • Postal Stores — U. S. postage stamps and postal cards are sold through iStores. State law requires that all official University mail use stamps perforated with a block “I”. (See Campus Administrative Manual, Section VII/B - 6, Use of University U. S. Perforated Stamps.) They may be purchased by completing a Postal Stores voucher or electronically through iStores, an interactive catalog and ordering system.
      • Postage Meters — Individual departments and/or units may purchase or lease postage meters/machines if there is a bonafide mail room in that department/unit operated by a trained mail clerk and if the annual volume of outgoing mail exceeds 100,000 pieces per year or if the material to be mailed is of such confidential and/or sensitive nature that personnel must have standard security clearance status. All such purchases or leases of postage meters must be approved by the Office of the Executive Director of Facilities & Services.


Further questions concerning mail services should be directed to Campus Mail Distribution at (217) 265-6863 or Mailing at Document Services at (217) 333-9350.