Use of University U. S. Perforated Stamps


To govern the use of University U. S. perforated stamps in accordance with Illinois Compiled Statutes 30 ILCS 500/25–35.


This policy applies to all departments, faculty, and staff at the University of Illinois.


Illinois Compiled Statutes 30 ILCS 500/25–35. U. S. Post Office authorities have been asked to assist in intercepting any private or personal mail bearing perforated stamps.


University U. S. perforated stamps are to be used on official university mail only, must be perforated with a Block “I”, and must be procured through iStores.


Official University Mail
Correspondence related to sanctioned University business that does not bear a private return address.
Illinois Compiled Statutes 30 ILCS 500/25–35
State agencies purchasing United States postage stamps must procure them from the Illinois Department of Administrative Services. They must be perforated for identification purposes with a block “I”.


University U. S. stamps are purchased for the Urbana-Champaign Campus by Facilities & Services, Campus Mail Distribution. They are available for resale to the various departments of the University on a postal stores requisition or electronically through iStores found on the iBuy e-procurement web site.

Departments should limit use of postage stamps for U. S. Mail, since pre-sorting through the Campus Mail Distribution is generally a more economical alternative.

Unauthorized use of University U.S. stamps is likely to cause an indefinite delay for delivery of personal mail.


Further questions concerning this policy statement should be directed to Facilities & Services, Campus Mail Distribution, (217) 265-6863.