Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES)

CITES coordinates research and instructional computing services with the rapidly growing on-campus, special-purpose computer facilities, and provides long-range planning for future computational needs.

CITES operates a major computing facility that is as large as any available to a general university community. The various mainframes located at the central site in the Digital Computer Laboratory (DCL) include an IBM 4341-M2, and IBM 4381, and IBM 3081-GX2, a CONVEX 210, two Pyramid 90Xs, a Gould PN9080, and a Sequent Balance 8000. They are connected to each other and to remote entry sites throughout the campus via UIUCnet, the campus networking system. In addition to the interconnection of CITES sites and equipment, UIUCnet provides private and departmental facilities on campus a means of communicating with each other and with the central campus computing facility. UIUCnet also provides access to national and international networks, including BITTEN, NSFnet, ARPANET, CSNET, USENET/uucp, and TELENET.

In addition to its own facilities, CITES manages the computing facilities of several departments on campus, as well as Microcomputer Site in the Illini Union established with funds from the Student Computing Fee. CITES also provides special facilities to the user community such as the Microcomputing Resource Center, where users may try out different types of microcomputers and software packages before purchasing them and a Graphics Imaging Laboratory where users can access a variety of computer graphics and image processing service.

Access to CITES's systems is provided by formal allocation systems for courses and research, and by special hard-money accounts. For incidental or casual users, CITES has instituted a simple sign-up procedure outside this formal mechanism. CITES provides a full complement of computer-related user services, including the maintenance of vendor-supported and locally developed utilities, program libraries, statistical and numerical analyses services, documentation, accounting, microcomputer informational and customized services, network consulting and services, and both mainframe and microcomputer consulting. Hardware maintenance and repair of terminals, microcomputers and peripherals is offered by a group of technically trained personnel.

Presently CITES maintains twelve large computing facilities on the UIUC campus, plus several smaller, limited sites. CITES North occupies a portion of the first floor and basement of the Digital Computer Laboratory, 1304 W. Springfield. Most of the mainframes and CITES staff offices are located here. Other staff members are housed in buildings at 1208 W. Springfield and 101 South Gregory, Urbana. CITES South occupies a portion of the basement at Commerce West. The computer facility houses an IBM 4341, plus terminals and microcomputing facilities. The Statistical Consulting Office and the Microcomputer Consulting Office are both located here. Three large CITES facilities are located in UIUC residence halls: the Illinois Street Residence Halls, the Florida Avenue Residence Halls, the Champaign Residence Halls Snack Bar. CITES sites are also located in Turner Hall, Noyes Laboratory, Lincoln Hall, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, the English Building, and the Psychology Building. Small sites with limited equipment are located in the Foreign Language Building, LAR, Saunders Hall, Sherman Hall, Allen Hall, and the Beckwith Living Center.

CITES operates a Support Center from 7:30 am to 10 pm, Monday through Friday. The Support Center staff can answer questions about CITES services, including their cost and other pertinent details. The Support Center phone number is 244-1000.