University Telephone Credit Cards

University telephone credit cards are available to faculty and staff from the Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services. Policies and procedures pertaining to the issuance and use of these credit cards are outlined in this policy.

Telephone credit cards are available from the Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES) for the convenience of faculty and staff who travel on University business who find it necessary to place a long distance business call from a non-University telephone.

Credit cards are issued to individuals upon written authorization from their department head or the head's established designee. The person to whom the card is issued is responsible for all calls placed on that card number. The card may not be used by anyone other than the person to whom it is issued. Charges incurred by the use of these credit cards will be billed by CITES to the department on monthly telecommunications vouchers.

Telephone credit cards may not be used for personal calls. However, the card may be used for placing calls to the holder's residence when extensive travel is required or when report of safe arrival is necessary. Such calls should be limited to five minutes every other day, unless a change in travel plans dictates notifying the family.

If personal calls other than the allowable ones mentioned above are made on the credit card, they are regarded by the State of Illinois as toll calls. The employee will be required to reimburse the University for both the cost of such calls and an additional $5.00 per call for the cost of investigating, billing, and processing. Reimbursement must be made by personal check payable to the University of Illinois and delivered to the individual's departmental business office within thirty days of notification of the charges.

If a telephone credit card is lost or stolen, the departmental business office should be notified immediately. The department must in turn notify the CITES by telephone (244-7922) as soon as notification is received from the employee, and a follow-up letter confirming the loss must be sent to CITES the same day. CITES will notify the telephone company of the loss. No calls may be charged to that credit card number after it has been reported lost or stolen to the telephone company.

When a telephone credit card holder terminates employment with the University or transfers to a different department, the credit card must be returned to the departmental business office for cancellation.

Questions regarding credit cards and usage may be directed to the Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services at 333-2268.