University Telecommunication Service

Describes available telephone service, including monthly rates, installation charges, money saving suggestions and sources for additional information.

The University is served by a Northern Telecom DMS-100 system which is owned and maintained by Illinois Bell Telephone Company. This system Provides for efficient communication through five digit dialing to any 333/244 (faculty and staff offices) or 332 (residence hall rooms) prefixed telephone number, as well as access to the community and a reduced-rate long distance network. The University system also offers a variety of features and services designed to meet the needs of the campus. Each University department is charged for its telephone costs, including installation charges, monthly rental and long distance toll.

The following is a description of the charges for telephone services available to University offices (rates are subject to change):

  1. Switched Services

    Voice Station Charge - $20.50 per month. Applies to both single-line and multi-line stations connected individually to the telephone system.

    Extension Charge - $3.00 per month. Applies to single-line stations wired as extensions; sharing the telephone number and line of the main station.

    Switched Data Station Charge - $20.50 per month. Applies to standard telephone lines used for sending or receiving data.

  2. Data and Special Service Circuits

    The dual jacks installed in most campus buildings makes a variety of communication options possible. The outlet most commonly used for data circuits and special service circuits (e.g. alarms) is referred to as the "B" jack. For jacks mounted vertically, the "B" jack is the bottom outlet. The "B" jack is the right outlet on jacks mounted horizontally. The "B" jacks also have other applications, including local area networks and connections to the UIUC network and others. The Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES) is also responsible for installing any low voltage media on campus, including fiber optic and coax cable. For more information about these services and how to order them, please contact our Network Design Office (NDO) at 4-1600.

    In-Building Circuit - No monthly charge. Applies to data circuits, local area networks, alarm circuits, classroom bells, etc., originating and terminating within the same building.

    Between Building Circuit - $12.00 per month. Applies to circuits originating and terminating between campus buildings served by the telephone distribution system.

    Off-Campus Circuits - Communication circuits between a campus building locations off-campus not served by the campus distribution system. The appropriate vendor (Illinois Bell, AT&T) rate will be billed based on the type of circuit and the originating and terminating points.

    Circuits/services ordered by and/or billed to off-campus entities connecting to the distribution system - A charge will be billed to the campus unit contracting or negotiating with the non-university entity for each telecommunication service connected to the campus distribution system. The connection charge will be based on the actual time and material required and should average about $35.00 per connection. There is a monthly charge to cover the cost of the campus facilities for these services. The monthly charge will be $6.00 per circuit or telephone number. A bulk rate of $4.00 per circuit or telephone number will apply in cases where 10 or more of these services are connected to a specific campus location. CITES will not honor requests to bill any non-university entity.

  3. Billable Features

    • Group Speed Calling (30 number) - $1.50 per month. One charge is billed to a group of telephones sharing the same speed call list with a 30 number capacity.
    • Group Speed Calling (70 number) - $3.00 per month. One charge is billed to a group of telephones sharing the same speed call list with a 70 number capacity.
    • Individual Speed Calling - $1.00 per month. Charged to each station with a personal 10 number speed calling list.
    • Voice Mail - $4.00 to $5.50 per month. Charged per mailbox based upon the type and features selected of the mailbox.
    • Service Activation Charge - $50.00. Applies to the connection of all new single-line telephones, multi-line telephones, and switched data stations. The line connection charge also applies when changing from an extension to a separate line. The service activation charge is billed on a per station basis.
    • Temporary Service - For service installed for 30 days or less, the service activation charge is $50.00 plus $25.50 for one month minimum service.

      The station rearrangement charge also applies when changing from a single-line to a multi-line phone and vice versa. A station rearrangement charge is also billed when changing a separate line to an extension. This charge is billed on a per station basis.

      The station rearrangement charge does not apply when moving lines to, from or between buildings not served by the campus distribution system. In these cases, the service activation charge applies (if moving between buildings) and other vendors' time and material charges apply (if moving within a building).

    • Time and Material - Applies to all voice and data wiring installations or changes. An hourly rate plus the actual material charges will be billed. The average time and material charge for a station requiring wiring and wiremold is expected to be $200.00. These charges apply in addition to the appropriate service activation or station rearrangement charges.
    • Buildings not wired with A/B jacks - In most cases the "off campus" locations do not require wiremold or conduit. Other vendors perform the inside wiring and their time and material charges apply.
  4. Program Changes

    Program change charges apply to adding, deleting or changing features on an existing line, such as call forwarding, call pick-up, speed calling, long-distance restrictions, intercom groups, etc..

    Single-line Telephones - $5.00 per station. Applies to all program additions, changes and rearrangements on single-line telephones.

    Multi-line Telephones - $8.00 Per station. Applies to all program additions, changes and rearrangements on multi-line telephones.

Money Saving Suggestions

  1. Anticipate Future Needs - Before issuing a request to disconnect a line or station, consider any future plans your office may have for elephone service. It is much cheaper to move a line than to disconnect one and reconnect it later. To move a line on campus, the charge is generally $25.00 versus $50.00 for a new installation. A telephone number change can be made on an in place or relocated line for a rearrangement charge.
  2. Use Existing Jacks - Because of the campus requirement for uniform wiring and concealed wiring, the installation of a new A/B jack can be quite high. Many rooms have existing jacks which can be used or extended with a long mounting cord. Mounting cords in lengths up to 25 feet are available for purchase from the Customer Service Office. Care should be taken so that the use of the cord does not cause a safety hazard.

    In addition, each jack is equipped to handle two independent voice lines. In many cases if an additional phone needs to be added to a room, a splitter can be installed on an existing jack for a separate line. A different kind of splitter is available to create an extension of an existing line.

  3. Plan Feature Changes - Multiple feature changes can be made on a particular station for one programming charge. For example, the cost to add call forward no answer, speed calling and call pick-up on a single line station is one $5.00 programming charge.

For additional information, faculty and staff should contact their designated unit telecommunications coordinator. Unit coordinators will find more detailed information regarding features, services, charges and procedures in their "Unit Coordinator Procedures Manual" which is distributed by Customer Services Office of CITES. Any questions may be referred to one of the following offices:

General Service and Repair

  • Voice Services - (217) 333-1161 - Call this number regarding routine service orders, to place repair requests, for general consulting and training.
  • Computing Services
    • (217) 244-1000, Network Operations Center
    • (217) 244-1258, Computing Resource Center
  • Consulting (voice services) - (217) 333-8499 - Free consulting is offered for major voice service installations (typically over 10 - 15 stations) and special service applications.
  • Consulting (data/computing wiring/video conferencing) - (217) 333-2874 - For information and planning assistance for data, low voltage wiring, networking and "B" jack applications. Also, provides coordination of Local Area Network installations with the Network Design Office.
  • Campus Computer Network and Local Area Networks - (217) 244-1600 - This number will provide information and planning assistance for new local area networks or changes in existing networks.
  • Telex, Facsimile Services - (217) 333-5137 - Call this number to inquire about our Telex and facsimile services.
  • Billing - (217) 333-4349 - Our accounting office can provide you information about monthly statements, long distance calls and account number changes.