Carpeting and Drapery Policy

Restrictions on installation of carpeting and/or draperies are a necessity due to higher costs for maintenance, repair and replacement. Advance approval is required before such installations can be made.

In order that appropriate and economical floor surfaces and light controls on windows are installed, restrictions governing the installation of carpeting and/or draperies have been developed as guidelines in construction or remodeling procedures. All Urbana-Champaign Campus units must follow the below listed general policies for new and existing buildings.

  1. New Buildings

    Carpeting and/or draperies may be installed in areas as outlined in II A below, depending upon the design and function of the building. Facilities & Services, Planning Division, along with other University or Campus offices normally involved in the planning of a new building will conduct reviews of carpet and drapery design.

  2. General Policies: New and Existing Buildings

    The addition of carpeting and/or draperies may be permitted for areas indicated below.

    1. Carpeting and/or draperies may be installed in the following areas:
      • Chancellor's, Vice Chancellors' or equivalent Officers' office areas
      • Deans' office areas
      • Offices of Senior Administrative Officers
      • Department Heads' Offices
      • Conference Rooms

      Carpeting and/or draperies will not be installed in other areas unless required for acoustical or functional needs and then only upon recommendation of the Professional Service Consultant for new buildings or upon the approval of Facilities & Services for existing buildings.

    2. Specifications as to color range, type, quality, and fireproofing standards must be approved by Facilities & Services, Planning Division, Purchasing Division, and the department primarily concerned with occupying the remodeled space. The University Housing Division is exempt from the carpeting and/or draperies policy, provided they maintain licensed architects and licensed interior designers on staff.
    3. Routine carpet cleaning will be provided by Facilities & Services, Maintenance Division limited to, in general, once a month vacuuming and an annual wet cleaning (extraction) of University approved carpeting in the above mentioned areas only. All other costs of carpet maintenance and repair of approved carpeting in areas other than those listed above in subpart A. 2. will be the responsibility of the using department.

      Cleaning and repair of draperies shall be the responsibility of the using department. Departments are encouraged to contact Facilities & Services, Maintenance Division for consultation on proper maintenance.

    4. Replacement of existing carpeting and/or draperies shall be handled in a manner identical to that of a request for carpeting and/or draperies in existing buildings.
    5. Placement of entrance mats or "walk-off" carpeting will be determined by the problems at the building entrance and are not to be considered a part of this policy. The use of such materials will be at the discretion of Facilities & Services.
    6. For reasons of maintenance, liability, and consistency, non-University owned carpeting and/or draperies will not be permitted to be installed in any University facilities.
    7. If an exception to this policy is desired, the Dean or Director of the unit involved must submit a request in writing to Facilities & Services, Planning and Design Division, indicating the reasons why an exception should be considered. Appeals to decisions made by Facilities & Services, Planning Division may be made to the Executive Director, Facilities & Services.
    8. Further information can be obtained by calling the Facilities & Services, Director of Planning, 244-8817.