Visitor Identification Cards

The policies and procedures for requesting Visitor identification cards are outlined below. Units may request Visitor identification cards for visiting scholars who do not have formal University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) campus appointments and for other visitors needing photo IDs.

Units that sponsor University of Illinois guests (e.g., visiting scholars, spouses/partners/children over 12 of residents living in University family housing, and others) may request Visitor identification cards for these guests.

To request a Visitor identification card, units must contact the i-card Programs Help Desk at 217-265-6464. The unit must ask for a Visitor Card Request Form and for a University Identification Number (UIN) to be assigned to the visitor. The unit must complete this form and give it to the guest being sponsored. The guest may then go to the ID Center with the form and a valid form of identification to have a Visitor identification card issued. (A list of valid forms of identification can be found on the i-card web site.) There is a $10 fee for each Visitor identification card issued. The unit has the option of paying this fee, or having the guest pay it.

Units requesting Visitor identification cards should remember the following important points:

  1. Units requesting Visitor identification cards assume responsibility for the use and/or misuse of the cards.
  2. Visitor identification cards are the property of the University of Illinois, and their use is subject to all applicable University and campus policies.
  3. Possession of a visitor identification card does not in itself entitle an individual to any services at the University of Illinois. Entitlement to service is at the discretion of the unit providing the service, subject to relevant interdepartmental agreements.