Medical Examination Requirements for Students

Each new student may be required to present evidence of satisfactory physical and mental health to the director of health services at Urbana-Champaign.

Policy for Student Physical Examination

Each new student may be required to present evidence of satisfactory physical and mental health to the Director of the Student Health Center at Urbana-Champaign (i.e. McKinley Health Center). This evidence will be presented when required on the Student Health Report Form which the student can obtain from McKinley Health Center.

Continuing registration of students on campus or re-entry of inactive students will also be cleared through McKinley Health Center when there is any concern about these students' physical or mental health.

Policy for Tuberculosis Control

All new freshman, transfer and re-entry students born in the United States are encouraged to present evidence of freedom from tuberculosis to McKinley Health Center staff during the registration process. Evidence of freedom from tuberculosis is a negative tuberculosis skin test (i.e., performed by the Mantoux procedure) within the previous 12 months, or a positive skin test and a negative chest x-ray within the previous 12 months.

International students are required to undergo tuberculosis skin testing, and a chest x-ray if the skin test is positive, prior to completion of the student's first registration. Students with a history of a positive skin test will be required to obtain a chest x-ray at the Health Center. Failure to complete these tests in a manner satisfactory to the Director of McKinley Health Center will lead to cancellation of registration.

Students with positive tuberculosis skin tests and a normal chest x-ray or a chest x-ray with evidence of previous tuberculosis will be encouraged to receive tuberculosis prophylaxis medication unless medically contraindicated. This medication can be obtained through the Preventive Medicine Clinic of McKinley Health Center.

Students with chest x-rays suggestive of tuberculosis must be tested for evidence of disease. This testing will be obtained at McKinley Health Center. If it is positive, the student must undergo immediate treatment for tuberculosis. Failure to cooperate with either the testing or treatment procedures prescribed by McKinley Health Center will lead to withdrawal of the student from the University and the prohibition of his/her further registration. These prohibitions will continue until the student's health status has been satisfactorily clarified to the satisfaction of the Director of McKinley Health Center.

Procedure for Pre-entrance Physical Examination

Pre-entrance physical examinations will not ordinarily be required for either new or transfer students. However, the Director of McKinley Health Center may require such an examination be performed based on information provided by the students on their pre-entrance health information questionnaires. These questionnaires are developed jointly by McKinley Health Center and the Office of Admissions and Records and will be mailed to students with their acceptance notices.

Should a student be required to undergo a medical examination as a condition of admission or re-entry, it will be the student's responsibility to obtain and pay for that examination. The results of the examination must be entered on forms provided by McKinley Health Center. The student is responsible for having his/her physician mail the completed forms to the Director of McKinley Health Center.

If the Director of McKinley Health Center concludes that data in the report of a required medical examination makes the admission or re-entry of a student medically inappropriate, that student will be prohibited from entering the University.