McKinley Health Center Laboratory Support

Students may request certain tests from health services which will be honored if work load permits.

  1. Student requests for blood tests will be honored for the following:
    • A request for a rubella titer, sickle cell test, serology, blood type, Rh factor, blood sugar, cholesterol; results become part of medical record.
    • Requests for a rabies titer; results become part of medical record. There is a $20.00 fee for this test.
  2. Requests that blood be drawn as part of a student or faculty member's research project can only be honored if work load permits and the following conditions are met:
    • All arrangements must be made in advance of actual testing date. Scheduling will be at convenience of laboratory-work load permitting.
    • Requesting person and/or agency will be charged for procedure requested at the current cost to the laboratory in both time and materials. Arrangements must first be made through the McKinley Health Center Business Office. This is necessary because the Health Center is supported by student fees and not by state money.