Instructions for Preparation of Textbook Orders

  1. Distribute the single-part forms to instructors for them to complete and return to the departmental person responsible for textbook orders.
  2. Check to see that all required information has been provided, including:
    1. SEMESTER or session. If Summer Term 1, please specify in BOLD letters. Order one semester at a time unless there are special circumstances involved.
    2. Total ENROLLMENT expected. (A realistic estimate must be provided.)
    3. EDITION details. List as many details of book editions ordered as possible (e.g., edition number and paperback/hardback if applicable, publication date, and publisher).
    4. REQUIRED vs. RECOMMENDED texts. Make sure required (essential for students to purchase) and recommended (not necessary for students to purchase but may if they wish) are specified and separated.
    5. Indicate if student will have the book because of prerequisite or other courses.
    6. Will text probably be used again?
    7. Required SUPPLIES. Make sure all required supplies are listed so the bookstores will be sure to have a stock of these items (i.e., specific computer diskettes, etc.). Do NOT assume the bookstores will have an adequate stock or the exact item you require unless you inform them.
  3. The order should be TYPED on a five-part form. Retain copy #5 (last white copy) for your files and forward copies #1 through #4 of completed order to Textbook Orders, 809 South Wright Street, MC-378. (Forms are required. Do not assume a phone call, or the fact the course is taught every semester, means the bookstores will stock a textbook.)If the various sections of the same course will use different textbooks or different materials, a completed form should be submitted for each section.
  4. As textbook orders are returned to the Illini Union Bookstore, the person responsible for them should coordinate textbook orders with courses to be offered in order to be sure that all faculty have turned in their orders. Please do not hold all departmental orders to submit at the same time.
  5. Departments which publish their own classnotes for students to purchase through the bookstores must submit a Stores Requisition Voucher with the supply they sell to the Illini Union Bookstore. IUB needs this voucher in order to set its price for the publication(s). Failure to do so will result in delays in getting them to the students.NOTE: If you are ordering class notes at a local copy shop, please list this information on your order form. This will be helpful to the bookstores in providing accurate information to our students.

Changes After Submission of Textbook Orders

  1. Please CHANGE OR CANCEL textbook orders (or required supplies) only when absolutely necessary and help us to reduce inconvenience, delay, costs and confusion for the students.
  2. Report any changes (enrollment, text, etc.) or cancellations after the submission of the completed forms by typing the necessary information on a five-part textbook form and sending it to the Illini Union Bookstore. Please specify the nature of the change in capital letters, e.g., CANCELLATION, CORRECTION, ADDITION, REPLACEMENT. IMPORTANT: Every change should be reported to the Illini Union Bookstore. They will in turn transmit the changes to the other bookstores. Problems arise when all stores are not notified of the adjustments. The Illini Union Bookstore will take the responsibility of informing all bookstores of textbook changes so that there is no confusion due to contradictory or incomplete information.

Questions about book orders should be directed to Shirley Barnhart, Textbook Manager, Illini Union Bookstore (217) 333-2050. Questions concerning policy should be directed to the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (217) 333-6677.