Retail Food Service Expansion


To ensure that Food Service Operations are planned and placed based on campus needs, potential market demand, ability to be financially self-sustaining, and overall fit with campus master plans.


All academic and administrative units.


Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Director of Auxiliary Services in consultation with the Office of the Provost.


All proposed Food Service Operations must be submitted to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs/Director of Auxiliary Services (AVC) for approval. The AVC will determine campus needs, priority, and ability to be financially self-sustaining for any proposed food service.


Food Service and Food Service Operation refers to all types of retail food service operations, from full-service restaurants to beverage-only services, such as a coffee cart.


When a unit identifies a critical need for a Food Service Operation, it must submit a written proposal, including a pro forma, to the AVC. Proposals for new Food Service Operations may be submitted only by the dean’s office (for departments, schools, and colleges) or comparable unit leadership (for administrative units).

Specific procedures and considerations for the expansion of retail Food Service may be found at the retail food service expansion webpage of the AVC’s website.

The AVC will conduct a strategic planning analysis to review the planning, funding, build-out, and potential operation of the proposed Food Service. The AVC will review the proposal and pro forma with the proposing unit and consult with the Office of the Provost where appropriate. The AVC will communicate the decision to the requesting unit in writing. The unit leadership may appeal the decision to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

If the proposed operation is approved, the AVC will designate a representative from the Auxiliary Services retail team to remain involved through project completion. This representative will assist in the procurement of a Food Service supplier and will continue to work as a partner with the unit throughout the planning and construction process.


This policy does not apply to retail Food Service in the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics (DIA), the Beckman Café, the Daily Byte Café, the Array Café, the Intermezzo Café, or to Food Service Operations of the Student Hospitality Program, such as Bevier Café, Bevier Too, and The Spice Box.


Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Director of Auxiliary Services, (217) 333-1300 or