Assignment of Campus Car Pool Vehicles to Departments


This policy governs the permanent assignment of a campus Car Pool passenger vehicle to a University of Illinois department.


Policies relating to the assignment of Car Pool passenger vehicles allow for the use of such vehicles on a trip-by-trip basis and on a permanent departmental assignment basis. Policies and procedures relating to the permanent assignment of vehicles are outlined in this document.


This policy is implemented under the authority of the Office of the Executive Director of Facilities & Services.


The permanent assignment of a Car Pool vehicle to a department will be made only if the criteria detailed below are met.


Passenger Vehicle
Any non-police sedan or any vehicle designed to transport at least six, but not more than fifteen, individuals.


  • Criteria for Permanent Assignment of VehiclesThe permanent assignment of a Car Pool vehicle to a department will be made if either of the following criteria is met.
    1. The typical need for the vehicle is a daily occurrence and other means of transportation are not economically feasible for transporting personnel or personnel with tools and equipment.
    2. The vehicle is likely to be driven at least 500 miles per month.
  • Procurement of Permanently Assigned VehiclesIf the criteria for permanently assigning a vehicle to a department are met, the department provides funds for the purchase of a vehicle by the Car Pool. The vehicle then belongs to the Car Pool and the monthly or mileage fee charged to the department provides for the operation, maintenance, and replacement of the vehicle.
  • Procedure for Assignment of a Vehicle to a DepartmentThe following procedure must be followed by the department in requesting and arranging for a permanent vehicle assignment.
    1. Submit to the Executive Director of Facilities & Services a letter outlining the justification for the assignment and identifying the source of funds for the purchase of the vehicle.
    2. When the permanent assignment and purchase have been approved by the Executive Director, a Car Release Order form will be provided to the department for approval and signing by the department head or their designee. The completed form must be submitted to the Car Pool prior to a vehicle being assigned to the department. The Car Pool may rotate vehicles as needed to meet economical trade-in age and mileage.
  • Procedure for Reporting and Monitoring Vehicle Usage
    1. The department head or their designee must submit odometer readings to the Car Pool between the twentieth and twenty-fifth of each month.
    2. By August 15 of each year, the Director of Transportation and Automotive Services will report to the department head the following: average monthly mileage; monthly charges; usual storage location; typical use which justifies the continuation of permanent assignment for each vehicle. The department head is required to review, approve, and return this report to the Car Pool. This procedure encourages regular periodic review of the need for a permanent vehicle assignment and for making adjustments (monetary and otherwise) when circumstances no longer warrant continuation.
    3. When it is determined that a permanently assigned vehicle is no longer justified, the vehicle will be returned to the Car Pool with a written request for release from the assignment and an account number to receive any refund that may apply. The amount of the refund will be equal to the most recent purchase price for a similar class of vehicle.


Further questions concerning this policy statement should be directed to the Director of Transportation and Automotive Services, (217) 333-7583.