Building Regulations


This policy defines the process to establish the building schedule for University buildings and the process to identify authorized use outside of scheduled hours.


This policy covers University facilities on the Urbana campus and access to such facilities.


Policy implemented by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations and enforced by the University Police.


Campus buildings are open and closed (via manual or electronic locks) in accordance with the Open/Close Schedule published and distributed by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations (OVCAO), Facility Scheduling and Logistics (FSL) unit. The use of University buildings outside of listed hours is restricted to faculty, staff, or students who have authorized use of University building keys or other access control devices (cards, etc.). Such persons must carry University identification cards and identify themselves upon request to University Police, University officials, or other building security personnel.


The OVCAO will publish the Open/Close Schedule on its website and will distribute copies to select departments prior to the fall, spring, and summer terms. A unit wishing to change the open and/or close time for a building on the Open/Close Schedule should contact FSL via a department or unit head.

Building open and close schedules may be temporarily adjusted for University approved events or activities. Temporary changes will be reflected on the Daily Event Summary published and distributed by FSL. Persons who are extended the privilege for such activities must be able to verify authorization for use of University premises to any University official who requests it.

The OVCAO or a department/unit that maintains its own open and close schedule may extend the privilege of use of a building to other persons provided the work to be performed by such persons is necessary to University programs.

When the buildings are closed, all exterior doors are locked, and a building’s mechanical systems operation may be limited. Some rooms may be unavailable as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service is significantly reduced as part of a campus energy conservation initiative.

Unauthorized persons may be reported to University Police.


Some campus units determine and maintain their building’s open and close schedule independent of the OVCAO. (Examples include: Auxiliary units). Those units manage and control authorized access.


Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the OVCAO – FSL or the University Police.