Clery Act


To address the campus’ obligations pursuant to the “Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act,” 20 U.S.C. § 1092(f) (the “Clery Act”).


This policy applies to all members of the campus community and the public.


Office of the Chancellor


The campus shall comply with its obligations under the Clery Act to record and report Clery Act crimes, to disclose crime and fire statistics, to provide campus safety and security policy statements, and to notify the campus community regarding Clery Act crimes and other serious incidents. The campus shall establish an Administrative Clery Committee to meet at least annually to review the campus’ Clery Act compliance efforts. The Chancellor designates the Executive Director of Public Safety as the campus’ Clery Compliance Officer. The Clery Compliance Officer shall work with the Administrative Clery Committee to develop and implement policies and procedures regarding the campus’ Clery Act obligations.


  • Administrative Clery CommitteeA committee comprised of campus officials (specifically identified in the Clery Act Compliance Procedures) who meet to review the campus’ Clery Act compliance efforts and make recommendations to the Clery Compliance Officer regarding the campus’ Clery Act obligations.
  • Campus Security Authority (“CSA”)Four groups of individuals and organizations specified in the Clery Act and associated with the campus, including:
    1. the Division of Public Safety (“DPS”);
    2. individual(s) who have responsibility for campus security, but who are not affiliated with the DPS;
    3. any individual or organization specified in the campus safety and security policy statements as an individual or organization to which students and employees should report criminal offenses; and
    4. any official of the campus who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities, including, but not limited to, student housing, student discipline and campus judicial proceedings, and who has the authority and the duty to take action or respond to particular issues on behalf of the campus.
  • Clery Act CrimesCertain crimes specified in the Clery Act on which the campus must compile statistics of reports made to the DPS, CSAs and local law enforcement, including aggravated assault; arson; burglary; motor vehicle theft; manslaughter by negligence; murder and non-negligent manslaughter; robbery; sex offenses; hate crimes; domestic violence; dating violence; and stalking.
  • Clery Compliance OfficerThe official the Chancellor designates to coordinate the campus’ Clery Act compliance program.


To review the Clery Act Compliance Procedures, see the University of Illinois DPS Clery Compliance Website,

For more information regarding the Clery Act, see the U.S. Department of Education Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting, .


There are no exceptions to this policy.


The DPS Compliance Coordinator,