Division of Responsibility


This policy authorizes Facilities & Services (F&S) to establish guidelines setting forth the division of financial responsibility for the operation and maintenance of university buildings and their contents.


This policy applies to all Units of the university involved in the operation and maintenance of campus buildings, with the exception of Auxiliary Services buildings, certain specified departmental buildings, leased property, certain farm buildings, Willard Airport, and Robert Allerton Park, including but not limited to the Allerton Park and Retreat Center.


Office of the Executive Director of Facilities & Services


F&S has the primary responsibility to maintain university facilities in an operational and serviceable condition within a prescribed budget. Because F&S allocates the budget for its campus maintenance responsibilities based on the highest priorities, certain maintenance or related requests may be deferred due to budgetary constraints. F&S is responsible for the cost of general building operation and maintenance. A Unit is responsible for the purchase, installation, and maintenance of its departmental equipment.


Auxiliary Services
means Campus Recreation, Document Services, Division of Intercollegiate Athletics, Illini Union, Illini Union Bookstore, McKinley Health Center, the Parking Department, and University Housing.
means a college, school, department, division, institute, bureau, office, and/or center, as applicable.
Departmental Equipment
means equipment, either permanently installed or movable, which is primarily required by the nature of a Department’s activities.


F&S publishes the DoR Guidelines on its website. F&S will permit electronic access to DoR documents via the my.FS portal, provided that the individual seeking access has completed the required DoR Access Consent Form and returned to the Division of Responsibility Coordinator.

F&S will publish guidelines setting forth the division of financial responsibilities among F&S and other university Units for the operation and maintenance of certain facilities. The financial responsibilities include such expenses for the operation and maintenance of building exteriors and interiors, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, electrical, custodial services, lifts and conveyances, and grounds and waste management. F&S and the respective Unit will collaborate in developing individual building Asset Clarification Sheets (formerly “exception sheets”) for exceptions to the DoR Guidelines.




For questions about responsibilities, contact the Division of Responsibility Coordinator or the F&S Service Office (217) 333-0340, fsserviceoffice@illinois.edu