Outdoor Displays


To establish the conditions under which Outdoor Displays may be erected on University Outdoor Spaces.


All University Outdoor Spaces.


Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration Operations.


University organizations (units), Registered Organizations, and Registered Students Organizations (each a “Sponsoring Organization”) may erect Outdoor Displays on Outdoor Spaces with approval from the appropriate Designated Official. Except as otherwise permitted in a commercial lease or license, no other organization or person may erect Outdoor Displays on Outdoor Spaces. Outdoor Displays are subject to the following conditions:

  1. Outdoor Displays are allowed only in conjunction with an event or program with an approved Outdoor Space Reservation. Outdoor Displays must be staffed at all times by the Sponsoring Organization.
  2. Outdoor Displays shall be freestanding and not attached to any existing structure or improvement. Any supporting wires or cables shall be clearly visible and placed so as to avoid interfering with the normal flow of traffic. Anchors for supporting wires or cables may not be driven into concrete sidewalks, stairs, or passageways.
  3. Outdoor Displays may not exceed 10 feet in height and 32 feet in length, or the length of the reserved Outdoor Space, if shorter. The approved length of an Outdoor Display will depend on its construction and the event location.
  4. An Outdoor Display shall not be approved for longer than five consecutive days; however, the University, in its discretion, may further limit the approved time period based upon demand for the location. Sponsoring Organizations may not collaborate to exceed the five-day limitation.
  5. Outdoor Displays on Anniversary Plaza shall be limited to one day.
  6. An Outdoor Display may not remain in place overnight.
  7. Sponsoring Organizations may be approved for only one Outdoor Display at a time per event or program.
  8. The Sponsoring Organization is responsible for removing all litter near the Outdoor Display throughout and at the end of each day of the display.
  9. The Sponsoring Organization shall be fully responsible for the Outdoor Display, including all injuries or hazards relating to or arising from the Outdoor Display and any damage to University property caused by the Outdoor Display. The University shall not be liable for any damage to the Outdoor Display.


  • Designated Official The individual authorized by the Chancellor or his/her designee to determine whether organizations may use University premises and facilities. The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations maintains a list of Designated Officials.
  • Outdoor Display A freestanding structure or sign on Outdoor Spaces that is not attached to an existing structure or improvement. An Outdoor Display does not include tents or canopies, which are subject to individual facility reservation policies. An Outdoor Display is not banner signage hung from individual buildings or University vexilla. Nor is an Outdoor Display a small, unattended sign staked into the ground. See related policies: “Policy for Banner (Vexilla) Displays” and “Lawn Signs”.
  • Outdoor Spaces or University Outdoor Spaces All reservable, outdoor spaces owned, leased, occupied, or otherwise controlled by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.


An inventory of Outdoor Spaces can be found here. The Sponsoring Organization initiates the reservation process by submitting a space request at least 15 business days in advance of the proposed display dates in accordance with the outlined process for the organization type in the Student Code.

Subsequent to reserving the space and at least 10 business days in advance of the event, the Sponsoring Organization must submit to the Campus Code Compliance and Fire Safety Office for review and approval a drawing of the proposed Outdoor Display indicating the size and construction materials.

While Outdoor Displays may be approved for up to five consecutive days, no Outdoor Displays may remain overnight. No Outdoor Display may remain between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. the following day. The Sponsoring Organization is responsible for securing overnight storage and transportation for the Outdoor Display. Failure to remove an approved Outdoor Display by 11:00 p.m. will result in it being removed and disposed of by University staff. The Sponsoring Organization will be liable for all costs associated with the removal and disposal and shall forfeit any remaining time on the approved reservation.

Designated Officials must communicate all approved Outdoor Display requests to the Facilities and Services (F&S) Landscape Management team unless the Outdoor Space is controlled and maintained by another unit, such as the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics or Campus Recreation.


Requests for other types of outdoor displays should be directed to the F&S Architectural Review Committee.

Appeals to this policy should be directed to the Chancellor’s Special Event Advisory Committee.


Questions regarding this policy or committee contact information may be addressed to the Facility Scheduling and Logistics unit at (217) 333-1230, or email fac-reserve@illinois.edu. Registered Organizations and Registered Student Organizations also may contact the Department of Student Engagement-Student Org Development and Administration (SODA) at (217) 300-8757, or email getinvolved@illinois.edu.