Procurement of Construction Services

Facilities & Services has been delegated the authority to purchase construction related services pursuant to Business and Financial Policies and Procedures Section 1.3.1. In order to adequately fulfill responsibilities associated with this delegated authority, Facilities & Services will review and approve departmental requests for use of non-University contractors to perform construction services. Such review and approval must take place prior to contacting any contractor. To facilitate this review and approval process, departments must complete a Request for Contractor Construction Services at

Requests for Contractor Construction Services will be reviewed to determine potential impact on building systems, utilities and safety. Department personnel entering the request must include a clear and descriptive scope of work to be performed which will facilitate this review. In some cases requests will require more extensive engineering review.

After the appropriate review, Facilities & Services will issue a Construction Permit that authorizes the department to engage a contractor. Contractors are prohibited from performing construction related service without express authorization from Facilities & Services and/or the Purchasing Division.

Departments may choose to have Facilities & Services coordinate the work or coordinate the work using its own staff. The following exception may apply to Departments electing to coordinate this work with their own staff:

  • Any request that combines divisions of work that accumulates to a value over the bid limit must be managed by a Facilities & Services representative. Projects at this level require additional campus approval and oversight.
  • Any request that requires engineering must be managed by a Facilities & Services representative. Projects that include making engineered modifications to campus facilities require additional campus approval and oversight.

All construction work must be performed in conformity to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Facilities Standards. Facilities & Services will inspect the work as needed and approve final payment to contractor.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Facilities & Services Director of Construction, (217) 333-1234.