Radio Licenses, Applications and Renewals, and Federal Communication Commission Maintenance and Inspection Requirements

Describes procedures for complying with Federal Communications Commission licensing, maintenance, and inspection requirements for radio communications equipment and activities.

There are a substantial number of official University activities and equipment uses on the Urbana-Champaign campus for which Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licensing and prescribed maintenance and inspection programs are required. The failure of one unit to comply with FCC requirements could result in the entire University’s being penalized, and it is unclear as to who in each of the involved departments is responsible for preparing applications and related forms for FCC processing and approval and for otherwise seeing that there is compliance with FCC requirements. Therefore, the following procedures have been established to assist units in meeting the application and licensing requirements. These procedures apply to all units located on the Urbana-Champaign campus and all units located elsewhere throughout the state which report to units located on the Urbana-Champaign campus.

  1. All applications, renewals, and forms for licensing which must be processed or approved by the FCC are to be forwarded to the Director of Broadcasting, Campbell Hall, 300 N. Goodwin Ave., Urbana.
    1. The Director of Broadcasting will make the appropriate examinations for compliance with regulations and procedures, obtain approval of Legal Counsel for legal form and the signatures of Comptroller and the Secretary of the Board of Trustees, and forward the necessary paper work to Legal Counsel for filing with the FCC.
    2. Correspondence from the FCC to the Board of Trustees regarding matters which are the responsibility of the Urbana-Champaign campus will be sent to the Director of Broadcasting. The Director will work with the designated department representatives in responding to FCC requirements.
    3. The Division of Broadcasting will rebill user departments for extraordinary legal fees resulting from license filings or use of licensed equipment and for fines incurred by user departments.
  2. All changes made by departments in the number of units, the type of equipment, or the type of use made of equipment subject to FCC licensing and/or regulations should be reported immediately to the Director of Broadcasting, Campbell Hall, 300 N. Goodwin Ave., Urbana.
  3. User departments shall have each transmitter under its control, operation, or supervision inspected by a licensed technician at least once during each license period for the purpose of measuring frequency and power. For departments not having a technician on staff, the Division of Broadcasting will either perform these measurements at cost or will recommend a competent technician who will perform the required tasks. This inspection requirement involves not only two-way radios, but licensable radar, microwave, experimental apparatus, diathermy, and all other licensable radiation-producing equipment.
  4. The request for licenses, both initial and renewals, for two-way radios and pagers will be handled directly by the State Office of Telecommunications. Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services will provide a coordination function between the campus user and the State Office of Telecommunications. It will keep those records, as it deems necessary, to fulfill its mission.
  5. All licenses held by campus departments not now registered with the Division of Broadcasting are to be registered immediately.

Pursuant to this procedure it is important that each department or unit advise the Director of Broadcasting of the names and office addresses of those individuals in the department responsible for preparing applications and licensing forms for filing with the FCC.

Further information concerning these procedures may be obtained from the Technology Services at (217) 333-2268.