Refrigerators and certain other enclosed equipment must be designed or modified to prevent explosions.

Refrigerators and other enclosed equipment to be used in laboratories and in other locations where there is any possibility that flammable substances will be stored therein should be so designed in the construction or altered mechanically that the risk of internal explosion is eliminated. Such equipment already installed in laboratories and subject to the explosion hazard should be altered and made safe by the relocation of lights, switches, and other sparking mechanisms to the outside of the box.

Laboratory centrifuges, deep freezer cabinets, and other closed equipment must be similarly protected. Walk-in refrigerator chests should be protected by relocation of all park-producing lights, switches, wiring, and vapors.

All enclosed laboratory equipment subject to explosion should bear on the door or lid a label specifying that the unit has been safeguarded against explosion or that it is not safe and no flammable solvents or materials should be stored therein. The label should be placed on the face of the door within 12 inches of the handle. Labels are available from the Division of Environmental Health and Safety, (217) 333-2755.

This section of the manual is under review. Please consult the Division of Environmental Health and Safety as well, (217) 333-2755.