Unit Risk Management Coordinator

Appointment To This Responsibility

The appointment of a Unit Risk Management Coordinator is made by whomever is administratively responsible for the unit involved.


Persons appointed to perform this function must be or become familiar with:

  • The overall administration and operation of their unit,
  • University administrative policy, and
  • The Risk Management Program of the UIUC.

General Purposes of the Unit Risk Management Coordinator

  • To receive within their unit information copies of all reports of accidents/hazardous conditions involving faculty/staff, students, and/or visitors and property damage on the premises of the location(s) of the unit for which this responsibility has been assigned.
  • To review the reports and take appropriate action as required by internal policy of the department/agency.
  • To report to the Campus Risk Manager those accident/hazardous conditions that have given or may give rise to a claim for bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage by faculty/staff, student, or visitor against the campus and its employees.
  • To assist the Campus Risk Manager in gathering information, evidence, or records relating to the accident/hazardous conditions.
  • To communicate with and, if necessary, arrange for interview of witnesses, faculty/staff, and students for the purpose of obtaining information regarding accidents/hazardous conditions.
  • To transmit questions regarding risk management policy to the Office of the Campus Risk Manager.
  • To serve as their unit’s liaison with the Campus Risk Manager, University Police, Fire Department, Accident Compensation Office, and Environmental Health and Safety Office in matters relating to accidents/hazardous conditions.