Vehicle Accident Reporting Requirements


To ensure that liability protection is maintained and available to University employees in the event of accidents involving University vehicles.


This policy governs the filing of an accident report form when a University vehicle, including departmental or car pool vehicles, is involved.


The University reserves the right to revoke the use of all University vehicles by the driver or the department in the case of repeated violations, or as a result of failing to follow the reporting procedure. Liability protection for University vehicles is provided through a self-insurance plan administered by the State of Illinois, Central Management Services. Failure to report may also result in the refusal of the state to either defend the driver in any lawsuit or to pay on behalf of the driver any judgment that might be obtained in a lawsuit.

Department heads are responsible for the authorization and proper use of University vehicles.

Department heads and individual drivers are responsible for ensuring that the reporting procedure is completed in accordance with policy. Each department head should make certain that every driver of a University vehicle is informed of the requirements discussed herein, because of the serious monetary implications involved.

Failure to provide the required notification and documentation may result in the loss of protection and in personal liability for the driver.


Employees must file an accident report within 24 hours of an accident involving a University motor vehicle.

The University and its employees must comply with the Illinois Administrative Code (Section 5040.520) which states:

“…(the) driver of a state-owned or leased vehicle which is involved in an accident of any type shall report such accident to the appropriate law enforcement agency and to the Division of Central Management Services by completing the Illinois Motorist Report of Motor Vehicle Accident Form (SR-1).”

All accidents involving University motor vehicles must be reported immediately, preferably at the scene of the accident if possible.


University motor vehicles
include leased vehicles, departmental vehicles, motor pool vehicles assigned on a long-term basis, and daily or short-term rentals from the motor pool.
defined as “harm to state-owned property and/or harm to another party’s person or property.” This includes, but is not limited to: contact with another vehicle or object, backing into fixed objects, weather-related damage from hail or wind, as well as vandalism or damage found while vehicle was unattended.


In the event of an accident involving a University vehicle, the Car Pool office should be immediately notified by phone at (217) 333-3910.

File a written report using form SR-1, Illinois Motorist Report with Car Pool within 24 hours after the accident, or the next business day following a weekend and/or University holiday. This form is contained in the glove box of each vehicle and can also be obtained from the Car Pool office. Completed forms may be faxed to the Car Pool office at (217) 244-9369. It is the driver’s responsibility to thoroughly complete the SR-1 with detailed information. Incomplete or late reports cause delays in processing and may jeopardize insurance coverage.

If the accident involves damage to other vehicles, property, and/or persons, report the accident to your campus transportation entity while still at the scene if possible. The University must immediately report to CMS Auto Liability Division all incidents of employee involvement in motor vehicle accidents with another motorist or pedestrian that results in bodily injury (real or alleged) and/or damage to property. Failure to do so will result in denial of coverage.

Accident report documentation must be provided to the Car Pool office. Accident report documentation includes:

  1. Illinois Motorist Report signed by the driver of the University vehicle (form SR-1, found in the glove compartment of each University vehicle) (required). This report must be completed immediately and filed with Car Pool. The report needs to include enough information to make a claim.
  2. Body shop estimate of damage (required). (Campus Garage will prepare the estimate for vehicles in the local area. A body shop estimate may be used for vehicles outside the local area.)
  3. Illinois Traffic Crash Report (form SR-1050, or similar document from other states as appropriate), signed by the responding police officer. (Required if police investigate the accident.)
  4. Other information as appropriate.


Failure to comply with the accident reporting policy can mean personal liability for the driver, and the University may revoke the use of all University vehicles by the driver, or by the department in the case of repeated violations.


Further questions concerning this policy should be directed to the Transportation and Automotive Services department, (217) 333-7583.