Vehicles Using University Grounds

Use of University grounds, other than streets, parking lots, and designated loading areas, by motorized vehicles is limited, and certain restrictions apply. Anyone needing to operate a non-marked vehicle on the grounds must obtain written permission from the Office for Planning, Design & Construction.


The Office for Planning, Design & Construction will grant permits for vehicles to operate on University grounds in cases for which necessity is clearly shown. (When (a) building(s) and its grounds are completely under the control of an operating unit, such as the Assembly Hall or Housing Division, the Office for Planning, Design & Construction may delegate authority for granting such permits to the head of that operating unit.) All vehicle operators needing to drive on University sidewalks or other grounds areas must follow certain regulations. In general, vehicles will be expected to use streets, service drives, and regular loading areas whenever possible, even if there is some inconvenience. The regulations are:

  1. Operators are expected to drive on paved surfaces unless their work requires operating or parking their vehicle on lawns or other unpaved areas.
  2. Vehicles may not move during the fifteen minutes preceding each hour from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, when classes are in session.
  3. Vehicles or trailers may park on walks, drives, or bike paths only if appropriate barricades are used.
  4. Areas of heavy pedestrian traffic or specially scheduled activities must be avoided unless vehicular movement is absolutely required.

University vehicles that are clearly marked will not be required to obtain a permit to operate on the grounds. Proper marking is identified in the Campus Administrative Manual University Vehicle Signage Policy. Also exempt from the permitting requirements are all Facilities and Maintenance grounds vehicles (mowers, sprayers, spreaders, etc.), self-propelled building maintenance equipment (cranes, compressor, man-lifts, etc.), and emergency vehicles (police and fire vehicles and ambulances).


Operators of non-University vehicles or University vehicles that are not clearly marked who need to drive on walks and grounds must obtain advance permission from the Office for Planning, Design & Construction. Written grounds permits will be issued for a specific location, time, and date to accommodate a specific need. They are required only for vehicles as identified above. Permits must be kept and DISPLAYED in the permitted vehicle.

The Office for Planning, Design & Construction will issue two types of permits:

  1. Permanent Grounds Permit Issued for a period of one year for unmarked University vehicles that must use grounds on a regular and ongoing basis.
  2. Temporary Grounds Permit Issued to non-University users and unmarked University users for a specific location and time and to accommodate a specific need.

Any special requirements, such as the need for barricades or other safety measures, must be specified when applying to the Office for Planning, Design & Construction for the permit. Permits must be requested at least twenty-four hours in advance of need and may be denied if less time is given.

Persons needing Grounds Permits may call the Office for Planning, Design & Construction, (217) 333-1232, in advance to determine if permission will be granted. If permission is given, permits will be prepared and ready for pick up by the requesting party.


This policy is in effect twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. Enforcement of the policy and sanctioning of violators will be handled by the Division of Campus Parking and Transportation, (217) 333-3530, and Campus Police, (217) 333-1216. Normally, the Division of Campus Parking should be contacted first.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Facilities Information Resources, (217) 333-1232.