Limited Use and Reservation of the University Quadrangle


To establish and limit the conditions under which the University Quadrangle (Quad) may be reserved for an event.


This policy applies to all University units, faculty, staff, students, Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), Registered Organizations (ROs), and the general public.


Office of the Chancellor.


To preserve the integrity of the Quad in its unique role as the center of academic and social life at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the Quad may be reserved only by University units for a limited number of events per calendar year. Units may not reserve the Quad on behalf of the general public, and the general public may not reserve the Quad. Units may reserve the Quad for events that they co-sponsor with RSOs and ROs; however, the reservation will be considered a University event.

The sponsoring unit is responsible for planning, implementing, and financing the event and must have a representative present during the entire event. The sponsoring unit must pay all costs and expenses related to the event, such as trash removal and repair and replacement costs associated with damage to University property, including the grass and Quad area.

All vehicular traffic on landscaped areas of the Quad, including for loading and unloading, staging, and food trucks, is prohibited. Vehicular traffic is limited at all times to the broadwalks and paved surfaces.

If permitted, installation of staging and large structures is limited to paved areas. Staking of tent poles is prohibited. All tent poles must use weights for stabilization.

Events that include a display, defined as “A freestanding structure or sign on Outdoor Spaces that is not attached to an existing structure or improvement” must be reviewed in accordance with the Outdoor Display Policy.

Events that include Lawn Signs and/or flags must be reviewed in accordance with the Lawn Signs Policy.


To initiate the reservation process, the unit must submit a Space Request Form to the Illini Union Event Services Office at least 30 business days prior to the event. Illini Union Event Services will inform the requesting unit of the decision and will identify and inform appropriate University stakeholders of approved events and will work with requestors whose event includes an Outdoor Display or Lawn Signs and/or flags to obtain appropriate approvals.

When reviewing a request under these procedures, the Illini Union Event Services Office will consider the following factors:

  1. Impact on academic activities;
  2. Safety concerns, including inclement weather plans;
  3. Noise level (See Expressive Activity on Campus policy);
  4. Potential impact to University property, including grounds;
  5. Number of special events planned for current academic year and proposed locations; and
  6. Other reservation requests, which may involve consideration of:
    • relocation to allow grass to recover;
    • safety needs/concerns; and
    • sanitation issues.

Approximately 24 hours prior to an approved event, the Illini Union Event Services Office, Facilities & Services, and the event representative will inspect the grounds to assess their condition. If the condition presents a safety or maintenance concern, the University may cancel the event.  At that time, the unit may either reschedule the event or move it to an alternative location identified in the registration process.

At the end of each approved event, the Illini Union Event Services Office and Facilities & Services will assess the Quad for damage resulting from the event with the event representative. Facilities & Services will prepare and deliver to the sponsoring unit an invoice detailing all repair costs and expenses, and the sponsoring unit will be responsible for payment of the invoice.


General Public – Individuals and organizations not affiliated with the University.

University Quadrangle or Quad – The grassy area between the Illini Union and Foellinger Auditorium and the grassy areas inside of the sidewalks between the east- and west-facing academic buildings. The University Quadrangle does not include Anniversary Plaza, Library Plaza, or the grassy areas directly in front of the academic buildings bordering the Quad.


Reasonable exceptions to this policy can be made by the Illini Union Event Services Office and Facilities & Services.

A unit may appeal denial of a reservation request for the Quad by submitting a written appeal to the Chancellor’s Special Events Committee.