Academic Professional Position Cyclic Review Procedure

A review of position responsibilities for academic professional positions is required on a regular basis. This review will be subject to audit by the State Universities Civil Service System.

In September 1997, the State Universities Civil Service System granted the University authority to approve certain academic professional positions without seeking additional formal approval from the State Universities Civil Service System Office. The System has established new guidelines that allow the expansion of exemption criteria under Section 36e(4) of the Statutes and a number of standard titles. In conjunction with these new guidelines, the System is requiring the University to establish and implement a Cyclic Review procedure for all academic professional positions.

The Cyclic Review requirement involves a review of the current position description on a regular basis to certify that the job description reflects current duties and responsibilities. In an effort to simplify this process for units, the Urbana-Champaign campus has chosen to combine the required Cyclic Review Process with the current Academic Professional Performance Review Policy (Campus Administrative Manual Performance Review for Academic Professional Employees) which also requires a review of the current position duties on a regular (i.e., annual) basis. As stated, a current copy of the major duties and responsibilities are to accompany every performance evaluation. To comply with the Cyclic Review requirement as performance evaluations are completed, it should be noted on the job description itself whether or not it is current, along with the date and initials of the employee. If the job description is current, nothing further would be required. If it is not current, and there has been a significant change in duties/responsibilities, a new PAPE form should be forwarded to the Office of Academic Human Resources to update the existing position or for approval of a new title if appropriate.

Performance evaluations and the accompanying job descriptions are to be maintained at the unit level. A unit may be called upon at some future date to produce documentation of its annual review of the job descriptions for its academic professional positions. This would normally be during an audit by the State Universities Civil Service System, which occurs every other year.

Questions associated with the Cyclic Review procedures should be directed to the Office of Academic Human Resources at (217) 333-6747.