Affirmative Action Program Funding Procedures for Learner and Trainee Positions

The turnover savings from hiring a learner or a trainee can be transferred to the wage account or into the unit’s Nonacademic Unassigned Account (Pool).

In order to encourage greater utilization of training opportunities, special funding procedures are authorized for Learner or Trainee positions. Since an individual in a training appointment will not function, for a period of time, as effectively as a fully qualified employee, these procedures were established to enable the employing department to hire occasional temporary help and thereby ease the burden on the department.

Under these procedures, the turnover savings (the difference in amount between the Learner’s or Trainee’s starting salary and the previous amount contained in the budget line item) can be transferred into the department’s permanent wage account or into the unit’s Nonacademic Unassigned Account (Pool). The unit will have that amount available on a permanent basis. The employee’s increases during and at completion of training will be recovered from the wage account. Funds for future increases, that is for promotions after the Learner or Trainee has become a status employee, must also be obtained from the department’s wage account or from the unit’s Pool account. Any occasional temporary help that is hired shall be paid from the department’s wage account.

The transfer of funds to and from the wage account and the unit Pool account is made automatically through the processing of the Change of Status Form and the Salary Request Transmittal Sheet to the Administration and Records Section of Staff Human Resources.

As another encouragement to utilize training appointments, the classification procedures for downgrading clerical positions are applicable in hiring a Learner. For further clarification of the procedures for downgrading clerical positions, refer to Campus Administrative Manual, Departmental Classification Program.