Scattering of Cremated or Human Remains on University Property


To establish policy regarding the scattering of cremated or human remains on University Property.


This policy applies to all University Community Members and Visitors.


Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations (OVCAO) and the Crematory Regulation Act (410 ILCS 18/40).


The scattering of cremated or human remains on University Property is not permitted except under the outlined Exception below.


“Cremated Remains” means all human remains recovered after the completion of the cremation.

“Human Remains” means the body of a deceased person, including any form of body prosthesis that has been permanently attached or implanted in the body.

“University Community Members” means all university employees (including faculty members and staff), students, Registered Organizations, Registered Student Organizations.

“University Property” means all buildings, grounds and other internal and external spaces owned or controlled by the university.

“Visitor” means any individual or group who is not a University Community Member.


With written permission, an exception may be granted for reasons under state or federal law related to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA).  Written exception approvals should come from both the OVCAO and the NAGPRA Program Officer in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation. Management of exceptions will be handled by NAGPRA Program Officer. Facilities and Services, Facilities Information Resources department, will maintain records of approved exceptions.