Security Sensitive Academic Staff Positions Listing

Listed below are academic positions which would fall into one of the four categories defined as security-sensitive by the nature of their duties and responsibilities. When units wish to identify new security-sensitive positions, they should justify their inclusion on this list, endorsed by normal administrative channels, and obtain approval by their respective vice chancellor or vice president (if university administration). An updated list is maintained by the Office of Academic Human Resources. Security-sensitive positions are those which require employees to be entrusted with the following:

  1. The care of or daily close contact with pre-college aged children or resident students at Beckwith Living Center:
    1. Child Development Lab (CDL) and Other Day Care-Related Positions
      • Asst. Day Care Director
      • Asst. Director, CDL
      • Asst. Specialist in Education, Orchard Coop Nursery School
      • Assoc. Day Care Director
      • Director, Day Care Center
      • Director, Developmental Child Care Program
      • Director, Child Care Programs, CDL
      • Director, Early Outreach
      • Teaching Associate, CDL

      Security checks are conducted by the IL Department of Children and Family Services.

    2. University Primary, University High, and Colonel Wolfe Schools:
      • Asst. Director, Uni High
      • Athletic Coaches, Uni High
      • Director and Principal, Uni High
      • Librarian, Uni High
      • Specialist in Education (including Asst. Spec. and Senior Spec.), Colonel Wolfe School and University Primary School
      • Substitute Teacher, all schools

      Note: Student teachers are checked through the Council on Teacher Education.

    3. Other Positions Defined in This Category:
      • Resident Director, Beckwith
      • Supervisor of Rehabilitation Services, Beckwith
      • Summer Camp Counselors and Coaches, including camps such as 4-H Cooperative Extension Camp (DCFS handles check); DIA Sports Camps; DCR Sports Camps; Day Camps in Engineering; Illinois WYCD Program Camps; ISYM Music Camps; National Youth Sports Camps; any other camps with pre-college aged populations.
  2. Large amounts of cash or other items of significant value:
    • Asst. Director, Cash Management & Investments
    • Asst. to Head (Vet Med Teaching Hospital/Vet Clinical Med)
    • Asst. Vice President for Business & Finance
    • Assoc. Director of Accounting
    • Assoc. Director of Purchases
    • Assoc. Director, Grant & Contract Administration
    • Assoc. Vice President for Business & Finance
    • Comptroller
    • Director of Accounting
    • Director of Cash Process & Revenue
    • Director of Credit & Collections
    • Director of Purchases
    • Director, Grant and Contract Administration
    • Director, Office of Student Financial Aid
    • Director, Student Accounts and Cashiers
    • Associate Director, Student Accounts and Cashiers
    • Assistant Director, Student Accounts and Cashiers
  3. Firearms:
    • Assoc. Director, Police Training Institute
    • Chief of Police
    • Director of Public Safety
    • Director of University Police
    • Director, Police Training Institute
    • Faculty, Police Training Institute
    • Police Training Specialists
  4. Controlled substances; those providing direct patient medical care:
    • Biological Safety Professional
    • Clinical Physician
    • Director for Laboratory Services (McKinley Health Center)
    • Director, Toxicologic Research Lab
    • Director, Toxicologic Services Lab
    • Director, Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital
    • Head, Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine
    • Faculty Clinician, Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital
    • Intern, Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital
    • Pharmacist Practitioner
    • Physician, Health Services
    • Resident, Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital
    • Staff Psychiatrist
    • Staff Physician & Emergency Duty Physician
    • Supervisor Pharmacist