New and Revised Policies

The following policies have been adopted or revised in the last six months:

Title Number Responsible Office Updated
Standards for Printed Stationery Materials APR-23 Associate Chancellor for Public Affairs 10/30/2018
Naming Campus Facilities and Programs for Distinguished Individuals and Donors (INTERIM POLICY) APR-16 Executive Director of Facilities & Services 10/30/2018
Electronic Information Technology Accessibility HR-86 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 10/30/2018
Alcohol Management Policy FO-06 Office of the Chancellor 10/18/2018
Commemorative Plaques for Plantings, Objects, and Interior Spaces APR-06 Facilities & Services 8/21/2018
Establishing Units or Renaming Academic Units to Reflect Changes in Academic Organization ASA-21
Purchase of Mobile Communications Equipment and Related Service Plans BF-09 Office of the Chancellor 8/14/2018
Allied Status Request by an Agency or Organization APR-02 Office of Vice Chancellor for Research 8/14/2018