Campus Stores and Receiving


To establish the process for ordering through Campus Stores and Receiving.


Campus Stores and Campus Receiving are responsible for providing support services for campus departments by acquiring, storing, and distributing copy paper, toner, restaurant supplies, and MRO supplies.


Campus Stores and Receiving are organized into the following functional areas:

  1. The Campus Receiving StationThe Campus Receiving Station is an available ship-to location for the Urbana-Champaign campus for the receipt of merchandise ordered on regular purchase orders issued by the UIUC Purchasing Division. This function serves to reduce the number of over-the-road delivery trucks traversing campus streets and provides for the maintenance of a permanent record of each shipment received in order to document receipt of merchandise and support lost or damaged freight claims made by the receiving departments.Campus Receiving Station personnel also pick up merchandise at department locations for shipment from the campus. Shipments from the campus utilizing this service may be made via United Parcel Service, air express, air freight, or common carrier at the department’s request. There is a handling cost for this service. Pick up of material for ship-out may be arranged by calling (217) 333-1653.
  2. Central StoresCentral Stores stocks, sells, and distributes various commodities to Campus customers. These products include copy paper, restaurant supplies, janitorial supplies, and maintenance and repair items. These items are typically bought in bulk and at a discount, in order to save the Campus customers money.Central Stores are charged with: working with the Purchasing Division to negotiate price discounts with vendors; maintaining a supply of commonly used supplies and distributing these supplies in usable size lots to departments; and ensuring that the products meet the needs of departments.

    Products stocked by Central Stores should be purchased from that facility unless products of comparable or better quality can be purchased from outside vendors at a lower total cost. When making decisions about such purchases from external vendors, departments are asked to take into consideration any “hidden costs” such as staff time to shop, order, receive, pick up and deliver the item, process payment, and the responsibility which departments may have for damaged goods and/or returns.

Ordering from Campus Stores and Receiving

A department or agency can order commodities by accessing Stores and Receiving’s web shopping system called iStores. This can be accessed directly from the F&S Portal, or as a punch out through the University’s e-procurement system, iBuy. Departmental customers can purchase any items sold through the iStores system, and pay with a CFOAPAL or F&S Work Order. There are safeguards built into iStores including: an electronic signature file, validation of account numbers, and passwords needed to access the system. Each department authorizes specific employees to approve orders through iStores. The MRO stores customers can also shop via “walk-up” using an F&S ID badge and a work order/step.

Returns and Credits

Stores and Receiving requests that damaged shipments, erroneous shipments, short-shipments, and over-shipments be reported within 48 hours of receipt. A Pick-up/Credit/Return Form (PCRF) should be completed for all returned items. Departments can contact Stores and Receiving by phone and a customer service representative will complete the form. If an item has not been returned in person to the counter area, the complete form is forwarded to CRS to initiate a pick-up of the item(s). After pick-up, CRS delivers the return to the S&R Returns department. They match the PCRF with the requisition and/or PO and credit the appropriate department for the returned goods.


Questions about these services or procedures may be addressed to the Director of Stores and Receiving, (217) 244-0139.