Facilities & Operations

Title Number Responsible Office
9-1-1 Service As Used For Emergency Response FO-01 Division of Public Safety
Access Security Systems FO-02 Facilities & Services
Accident Investigation Procedures FO-03 Division of Public Safety
Acquiring Energy-consuming Equipment FO-04 Facilities & Services
Aerial Activities Over, On, or In Campus Property FO-05 Executive Director of Public Safety
Alcohol Management Policy FO-06 Office of the Chancellor
Appropriate Use of Computers and Network Systems FO-07 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost
Approval of Project Involving the Addition, Modification, or Deletion of Physical Facilities (“Site Approvals”) FO-08 Facilities & Services
Art in Public Spaces FO-09 Facilities & Services
Assignment of Campus Car Pool Vehicles to Departments FO-10 Facilities & Services
Automated External Defibrillators (AED) FO-11 Campus Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Coordinator
Banner (Vexilla) Displays FO-12 Facilities & Services
Bicycle Regulations FO-13 Office of the Chancellor
Building Emergency Action and Business Continuity Plans FO-14 Division of Public Safety
Building Regulations FO-15 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations
Building Signage FO-16 Facilities & Services
Campus Demonstrations and Protests FO-17 Office of the Chancellor
Campus Environmental Health and Safety FO-18 Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of the Graduate College
Campus Threat Assessment FO-19 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations
Carpeting and Drapery FO-20 Facilities & Services
Clery Act FO-21 Office of the Chancellor
Computer Security FO-22 Division of Public Safety
Connection to IllinoisNet FO-23 Technology Services
Decorations, Displays, and Christmas Trees FO-24 Facilities & Services Engineering and Construction Services Division
Department-Owned Non-Passenger Vehicles and Equipment FO-25 Facilities & Services
Disaster Recovery Contract for Services Activation FO-26 Division of Public Safety
Disposal of Magnetic Media FO-27 Office of the Chancellor
Distribution of Building Plan Documents and Architectural Drawings FO-28 Office of the Chancellor
Division of Responsibility FO-29 Facilities & Services
Emergency Communication Systems FO-30 Department of Public Safety
Emergency Plans FO-47 Public Safety
Expressive Activity on Campus FO-82 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations
Fire Safety FO-31 Campus Code Compliance and Fire Safety
Fire Safety Compliance, Reports, Information, and Education FO-32 Executive Director of Facilities & Services
Fire Safety Regulations for Scenery and Set Decorations FO-33 Campus Code Compliance and Fire Safety
Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) in Campus Buildings FO-34 Facilities & Services, Energy and Utility Services
In-Line Skates, Roller Skates, Skateboards, e-Scooters, and Self-Balancing Personal Transportation Devices FO-35 Public Safety
Information Security FO-36 Office of the Chief Information Officer
Installation of Equipment Requiring Special or Controlled Climatic Conditions FO-37 Facilities & Services
Lawn Signs FO-38 Office of the Vice Chancellor Administration and Operations
Limited Use and Reservation of the University Quadrangle FO-79 Office of the Chancellor
Loaned Art FO-39 Division of Public Safety
Low Voltage Media Installation FO-40 Technology Services
Motor Vehicles in Buildings FO-42 Executive Director of Facilities and Services
Multimedia Accessibility FO-43 Office of the Chancellor
Net Zero Space Growth FO-44 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost
Open Flames FO-84 Facilities and Services
Operating Unlicensed Motorized Vehicles on Pathways FO-45 Executive Director of Facilities & Services
Operation of Electronic Devices While Operating University Vehicles and Equipment FO-46 Executive Director, Facilities & Services
Organization and Responsibilities of Facilities & Services FO-48 Executive Director of Facilities & Services
Outdoor Displays FO-49 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations
Parking Regulations FO-50 Office of the Chancellor
Personal Property Used on Campus FO-51 University Office of Risk Management
Personal Protective Equipment FO-52 Office of the Executive Director of Facilities & Services
Possession of Weapons FO-54 Division of Public Safety
Procurement of Construction Services FO-55 Facilities & Services
Project Management Fees on Capital Construction Projects FO-56 Facilities & Services
Property Security FO-57
Public Health Emergency Response Policy FO-80 The Office of the Chancellor
Radio Frequency Spectra FO-78 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost
Radio Licenses, Applications and Renewals, and Federal Communication Commission Maintenance and Inspection Requirements FO-59 Director of Broadcasting
Requesting Work Order Service FO-62 Facilities & Services
Reservation of University Property FO-81 Office of the Vice Chancellor of Administration and Operations
Scattering of Cremated or Human Remains on University Property FO-83 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations
Security Cameras FO-63 Office of the Chancellor
Service, Emotional Support (Assistance), and Other Animals FO-53 Office for Access and Equity and Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation
Smoke and Tobacco-Free Campus FO-64 The Office of the Chancellor
Storm Sewer Usage FO-65 Facilities and Services, Division of Safety and Compliance
Three-Wheel Scooters FO-66
Underground Utility Damage Prevention FO-67 University Office of Capital Programs and Real Estate Services
Unit Risk Management Coordinator FO-68
University Resources for Political Campaign Activities FO-70 Office of the Chancellor
University Security Alarms FO-71 Division of Public Safety
University Vehicle Signage FO-72 Facilities & Services
Utility Services FO-73 Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning and Programs
Vehicle Accident Reporting Requirements FO-74 Transportation and Automotive Services department
Vehicles Using University Grounds FO-75 Vice Chancellor for Administration and Human Resources
Violence Prevention and Response FO-76 Division of Public Safety
Working Alone FO-77 Division of Safety and Compliance