Loaned Art

Individual works of art or collections may be accepted on loan by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign under the conditions of this policy.


Departments may solicit or accept offers of art for display within the scope of their academic, cultural, or public service programs. Conditions of transport, insurance, reception, display, and return to the owner/lender should be negotiated and agreed in advance to avoid confusion or undue risk exposure to either the owner/lender or the University. A letter or other document clearly stating these conditions and signed by an authorized representative of the owner/lender should be on file with the department before the art is received. In some cases the owner/lender may require the University to execute a formal loan agreement. The drafting and approval of such agreements should be handled in accordance with the University’s normal contract procedures.


Displays requiring unusual and/or additional security precautions may be brought to the attention of the University Police Department for evaluation. In some cases an increased presence can be provided at no cost to the department, but this is contingent upon demand and availability. A temporary uniformed guard may be contracted for through the University Police Department, if desired.


In general, art exhibits are not afforded insurance coverage through any University of Illinois policy. The risk(s) of loaning art, absent special circumstances, is to the owner/lender. A special policy or rider to an existing policy might be secured by the owner/lender to cover this exposure, if desired.

Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the Office of Campus Risk Management at (217) 333-4660.