Storm Sewer Usage


To prohibit unauthorized discharges to university storm sewers.


This policy applies to all Urbana-Champaign campus units.


This policy aligns with the regulations and requirements of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act, and is implemented under the authority of the Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Director of Facilities & Services.


University students, staff, faculty, contractors and visitors shall not use a storm sewer inlet to dispose of any waste and/or unauthorized substances or materials. Any discharge not specifically permitted in this policy to campus storm sewers is prohibited pursuant to this policy and Illinois water pollution control regulations


The following are allowed to flow into campus storm sewers:

  1. Stormwater from the land, parking lots, and streets.
  2. Roof drainage.
  3. Groundwater from subfloor and footing drains.


Violation of this policy may result in an enforcement action by regulatory authorities and/or disciplinary action by university officials.


Contact to the Division of Safety and Compliance, Environmental Compliance Department, (217) 265-9828 with questions or concerns regarding this policy.