Campus Threat Assessment


The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is committed to a safe and nonviolent campus environment and does not tolerate acts or threats of violence. In service of these commitments, and consistent with the Campus Security Enhancement Act of 2008 (110 ILCS 12/20) and its companion rules at Campus Threat Assessment Team (29 Ill. Admin. Code  305.80), this policy establishes the authority of the university’s Threat Assessment Team and provides guidance for identifying concerning and threatening behaviors that have the potential to lead to violence against a person and/or group.

The Threat Assessment Team (TAT) is a multidisciplinary team responsible for conducting threat assessments, and addressing concerning, dangerous, or threating behavior that impacts campus. TAT is also responsible for providing guidance and best practices for preventing violence and providing supportive services.


This policy applies to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (“University”) community, including all university employees (faculty, staff, and affiliates), students, and visitors.


The Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations is responsible for implementing and maintaining this policy.


The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign shall have a Threat Assessment Team (TAT) to evaluate reports of concerning and threatening behaviors that have the potential to lead to violence. To accomplish this goal, the Threat Assessment Team receives reports from any individual or group about concerning behaviors. To report concerning behaviors, see below.

All university employees (faculty, staff, and affiliates) and students must cooperate with requests from the TAT, as directed, in connection with its violence prevention and response missions.

The TAT is also responsible for reporting imminent threats and clear and present dangers as required under state and federal law.

The included procedures and processes below outline how to recognize, address, and report concerning or threatening behaviors.

What to Report to Threat Assessment

The following guidance is intended to help members of the campus community identify observable behaviors or circumstances that indicate someone needs assistance, is at risk of disrupting the educational environment, or may pose a risk of violence. It is not always possible to know the significance of any single behavior taken out of context. The university’s TAT relies upon the active participation of our campus community in recognizing and reporting concerning and threatening behaviors or other indicators that show an individual may be on a pathway to violence.

The examples below are not all-inclusive, and this information is not intended to be used as a checklist. Individuals who are concerned that another person may pose a risk of violence should contact the Threat Assessment Team even if they cannot identify specific risk factors. The TAT will use information it receives in fact-based assessment processes to evaluate reported behaviors and take appropriate steps to refer, assess, and address reported behaviors.


Motives for Violence
Homicidal Ideas, Violent Fantasies or Preoccupation
Violent Intentions and Expressed Threats
Unauthorized Possession of Weapons
Pre-Attack Planning and Authorization
Lack of Conscience and Irresponsibility
Paranoia and Other Psychotic Symptoms
Desperation and Suicidality


Substance Abuse
Menacing Behavior
Loss, Personal Stressors, and Negative Coping
Anger Management Problems; Angry outbursts
Violence and Interpersonal Conflict


Employee or Student Status-Related Problems


Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence

How To Report to the TAT

Any individual who observes behavior that they believe may pose an imminent threat to safety, security, or health should call 911 immediately. If the conduct does not pose an imminent threat to safety, security, or health, the individual should report their concerns to the TAT, as outlined below.

Threat Assessment Team

During business hours: (217) 244-2850
After hours: (217) 333-1216 (UIPD non-emergency number)
Webpage: Threat Assessment Webpage
Online reporting form: Reporting Form

Threat Assessment Process

TAT members will have access to the information reported to, or gathered by, the team. Other individuals also may have access to the information to the extent that it is necessary for the campus to fulfill its violence prevention and response mission and to promote the safety of the campus community. Confidentiality and privacy interests will be protected as required by law.

Confidential Resources

The university provides assistance for students and employees and their families who want to discuss a situation in a confidential setting.

Counseling Center

Faculty/Staff Assistance & Well-Being Services

Campus Violence Prevention Plan

The campus has developed a comprehensive  Campus Violence Prevention Plan (CVPP), which includes a list of additional resources.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Division of Public Safety

Human Resources

McKinley Health Center

Office for Student Conflict Resolution

Office of the Dean of Students

Title IX Coordinator




Executive Director of Public Safety and the Director of Threat Assessment