Requesting Work Order Service


To ensure consistent tracking and completion of work orders submitted to Facilities & Services.


This policy applies to all work orders submitted to F&S (unless otherwise noted).


This policy is implemented under the authority of the Executive Director of Facilities & Services.


Work order requests must be submitted either for specific projects or for comprehensive annual orders.


Requests for work order service are made by contacting the Facilities & Services Service Office, (217) 333-0340. The requester must provide a valid AiM™ charge number prior to a work order being created. If necessary, the F&S Accounting Office, (217) 333-1469, will work with the requester’s business office to establish an AiM™ charge number.

The Service Office will route the request to the appropriate service providers within F&S. The service providers will contact the requester if further information is needed to complete the work. When necessary, a person will be assigned to coordinate the work of multiple service providers.

The accumulated cost of services requested is charged to requesting departments each month. Detailed statements of costs are furnished to departments via the web.


For questions and assistance regarding this policy, contact the F&S Service Office Supervisor, (217) 333-0340.