University Vehicle Signage


The University Vehicle Signage Policy was developed to provide visual consistency within the signage on all service vehicles operated by colleges, departments, and units on the Urbana-Champaign campus.


This policy governs the application of signage on vehicles controlled and used by University colleges, departments, or units.

Vehicle signage in existence prior to the effective date of this policy may remain in place until either the vehicle is replaced or the signage is replaced.


This policy is implemented under the authority of the Office of Public Affairs and the Office of the Chancellor.


All signage on University-owned vehicles must comply with the Illinois Identity Standards unless otherwise noted below. Alternative or additional signage may not be applied to vehicles. Certain signage which is required by law must be displayed as directed by law.


Signage Application

  • Placement: All vehicle signage will be applied on the driver and front passenger doors.
  • Color: The campus I Mark will be produced in two colors; the rectangular rule inside the I Mark must be designated orange and the rest of the image must be designated blue. The column “I” in the I Mark will be solid white at all times. No alternate colors will be considered. (See Illinois Identity Standards, Graphic Standards Manual.)

Application Using Only the Campus I Mark

  • Size: The campus I Mark will be produced at a height of seven inches (7″).
  • Color:
    • Light Color Vehicles will have the two-color I Mark applied.
    • Dark Color Vehicles will have the two-color I Mark with a narrow white outline around the entire I Mark applied.

Application Using the Campus I Mark with Departmental/Unit Designation

  • Size: The campus I Mark will be produced at a height of five inches (5”). A maximum of two lines of text to identify a college, department and/or unit may be applied below the I Mark. Text lines will be a height of two inches (2”). Maximum line length for cars is 18.5 inches. Maximum line length for trucks/vans is 22 inches. A buffer between the I Mark and text lines will be maintained at approximately 1/3 the height of the I Mark. (See Figure A of attachment, University Vehicle Signage)
  • Text Color:
  • Text Style: Garamond or Universe Bold Condensed 70% 2 inches in height for each line, 1.5 inch actual height of letters. Upper/Lower case

On vehicles where trim or surface contour interferes with the relationship described above, application of the signage will be made at the discretion of Facilities & Services.


Emergency vehicles operated by the police unit of the Division of Public Safety, Parking Enforcement, and Fire Service Institute vehicles are exempted from this policy, but must include the I Mark at the discretion of Facilities & Services.

University-owned car pool vehicles rented temporarily are exempt from this policy.


Contact the Facilities & Services Garage and Car Pool at (217) 333-3912 for vehicle signage assistance.

See Attachment: University Vehicle Signage