Access Security Systems


To promote economies in operation and maintenance and to provide for adequate quality control, a campus standard for access security systems has been developed; the standards are outlined in University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Facilities Standards. This policy provides information on standards, the approval process and exception criteria.


Facilities & Services, in consultation with the Division of Public Safety, is responsible for establishing the campus standard for locking and access devices for interior and exterior doors of buildings and elevators on the Urbana campus.


Director of Utility and Energy Services, (217) 244-2865


Final approval of requests for special locking and security systems, such as electronic card access systems, will be made by Facilities & Services in consultation with the Division of Campus Safety and Risk Management.


For new construction, requests for exceptions from the campus lock standards should be transmitted to the Executive Director of Facilities & Services during the preparation of the building program statement. The security rationale for the exceptions must be submitted with the request. Cost implications for the project budget should be considered together with operating and maintenance costs. Facilities & Services, following consultation with the Division of Public Safety, will make final approval of requests for such exceptions.

In existing buildings, requests for replacement of standard lock systems with a non-standard system should be submitted to Facilities & Services.

Rationale for requesting deviations from the normal lock and key systems in favor of electronic or card access security systems should address such issues as those listed below:

  1. Past history of thefts
  2. Concern for security of high-value equipment with resale value
  3. Life safety requirements
  4. Need to preserve security of research, study, proprietary interest, etc.


Facilities & Services shall continue to be responsible for the costs associated with the standard lock and key system.


Questions concerning this policy statement should be directed to the Executive Director of Facilities & Services, (217) 333-2500.