Lawn Signs


To establish the conditions under which units of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign may post Lawn Signs on outdoor locations controlled by the University.


This policy applies to all University units.


Office of the Chancellor.


Upon approval from the appropriate Designated Official, University units may install Lawn Signs, in conjunction with an event or program consistent with their mission, on reservable grassy lawn areas. In considering requests to install Lawn Signs, Designated Officials shall consider the number of Lawn Signs requested, proposed locations, possible impediments, and impact to neighboring facilities.

Lawn Signs may remain in place for a maximum of five days unless the Designated Official deems an extension is appropriate for an event that extends beyond five days. The sponsoring unit must be identified on all Lawn Signs and is responsible for promptly removing all Lawn Signs at the end of the reservation period.

Registered Organizations and Registered Student Organizations may not install Lawn Signs but may erect other attended displays in accord with the Outdoor Display policy. Except as otherwise permitted in a commercial lease or license, outside organizations may not install Lawn Signs on University grounds.

Facilities and Services (F&S) will remove and dispose of all unapproved Lawn Signs.


Lawn Sign
A small directional, promotional, or educational sign typically made of corrugated cardboard and set into the ground by means of a wire frame or stake. They are temporary and unattended in nature.
Designated Official
The individual authorized by the Chancellor or his/her designee to determine whether units or organizations may use University premises and facilities. The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations maintains a list of Designated Officials.


An inventory of reservable grassy lawns can be found on the here. To initiate the reservation process, the unit must follow the reservation process for the appropriate venue at least fifteen (15) business days in advance of the proposed display dates.

Requests by units to install Lawn Signs on non-reservable areas, such as along sidewalk areas, should be directed to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations for consideration in conjunction with F&S.

Designated Officials must communicate all approved Lawn Sign requests to the F&S Operations, Maintenance and Alterations Division unless the outdoor space is maintained by the approving unit, such as spaces under the control of the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics and Campus Recreation.

Requests for other temporary, unattended signage should be directed to the Architectural Review Committee.


F&S may display Lawn Signs for extended periods of time when related to maintenance.

Lawn Signs may be installed in compliance with the Illinois Election Code, 10 ILCS 5/17-29, for the time that the polls are open on an election day.

Appeals to this policy should be directed to the Chancellor’s Special Event Advisory Committee.


Questions regarding this policy should be addressed to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations- Facility Scheduling and Logistics unit at (217) 333-1230, or email